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Cap'n Ahab


Los Angeles, CA, US

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LA Gloaming


Cap'n Ahab

Towers of Babylon rise like tombstones
into the smog stained twilight of Angel City
Wild eyed alto angel cries African dreaming
into the concrete jungles of oblivion

Brother kills brother over white man's dollars
Sister starves insane in alleys of blood red light
Terrified children hide behind poses of violence
Until the mask of rage freezes into a mask of death

Step over junkies with needles in their arms
OD'd into heaven to shoot smack with Jesus
Pimp leads his stable into crack house pasture
As another day dies into tomorrow

fires of pain


Cap'n Ahab

I sleep alone, when I think of you
I pray for night, when the moon smiles
Fuck-y-acid-jesus, make me die, make me die

The walls fall away, junkiesí freak run astray
Edenís blood in the eyes of a Angel, unforgiving lust
In romantic darkness, marbled stones of pain
Sleep in the shadows where angels bleed

Now I canít remain, when the fires of darkness fall away