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Guillermo Aguilar


Pompton Lakes, NJ, US

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Guillermo Aguilar

Look at what happened
She doesnít care
So why should I
Itís again the glare
It shines in my face
And I canít see
Iím the mistake
I shouldnít be

So what to do
What to say
I know I canít stay
Where to go
What to see
Live and learn
Forgive me please

When I come to your gate
Will you let me in?
Will you keep me out?
Where I will frown

The tears of blood
My tears of pain
My drug of choice
Is to cut my self

You make it happen
Iím not sick
Itís your twisted mind
That makes me weak

So let me fly
Let me float
Itís the only way I know

To survive is to sleep
To give me another chance to weep
So another day to live
Another day in hell to keep
Iíll light a joint with the flames
And fly away...
And float again