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Jesse-Ly Agger


Raynham, MA, US

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No Peace


Jesse-Ly Agger

In my mind
there's a perfect world,
where everyone's living life right

But there's no peace when i open my eyes,
to this foreign place full of anger and spite...

Why in a world
where we have such theories
as E=mc2,
can nobody grasp the concept
of treating everyone fair?

What good would a war do
to better our country
when there are people dying on the streets,
and children who go hungry...
on a filthy street corner
night after night
asking their parents
where is the light?

Instead of using
your extra time
teaching your child to fight,
why don't you take
that balled up fist
open it,
and show them the light!



Jesse-Ly Agger

Never mind the future, disredard the past.
all you have is what you have now
and now will never last.

Tripping through the landslide
it's the last thing you'll ever do

Cuz you don't know it yet,
but everyone's after you .

we're rounding on the last few moments,
semi-conciousness can fade.

how come you never noticed you were never meant to stay