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Sateah Anoosheh Afreedi


Karakchi, Sindh, Pakistan

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lrean to forget


Sateah Anoosheh Afreedi

Letís forget the past get on with the future,
Letís forget our sorrows and get on with happiness.
Forget the past and the sorrows,
Get on with the future and the happiness.
Thatís knocking on your door,
Now donít you just throw on the floor.
Cause itís the future and you donít know donít know donít know,
Whatís goin to happen tomorrow.
And you know you can,
Escape this world and run away away and away,
And forget it all again again and again.
But may be just may be you canít just run away,
May be just may be you canít just forget it again.
One day perhaps we will meet again,
One day perhaps we will forget it all again_
Please let me go,
Please forgive me for what I did,
And youíll you just forget it again.

light of hope


Sateah Anoosheh Afreedi

We are living in a world with hate all around us
Itís on every step of our lives now
And we are trying to bring some things back and those are_
Peace, love and courage
But some times I am worried
That we wonít be able to make it through
So we are praying to our god
And thanking him for all that we have got
And thanking him for there is a thing such as family
And without it there one thing that we all will be and it is incomplete
But still we are surviving through the day and night
But the light of hope is getting dimmer by the second tonight
And all we have got to do is believe in our selves
And maybe, just maybe we would able to put the light of hope
Bright like the glowing moon tonight