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Sateah Anoosheh Affreedi


Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

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Tormented Soul


Sateah Anoosheh Affreedi

Tormented soul with the hate and envy of world
The pain suffered by a lonely girl
The people despise her for no certain reason
For every good she has done,
They place treason

She roams the cities in search of a place,
To find her pride and fill herself with grace
She’s walks alone in the skies of night
Her cries are heard although she can not fight

She is awakened by a deadly blow,
She finds herself once again alone

When will she find her love?
What she finds can not be found
She walks, runs and crawls for a place
In hearts filled with hatred but she cares not
All she longs for is a home, a place where she belongs

Alas! She is trapped within herself,
She can not experience love, pain or sorrow
She is hurt but she can not bleed
She wants to shout but she can not speak
She wants to look but she can not see

She longs for the senses she doesn’t posses
She longs for the love she never had
Her life is a story of despair
The word which she heard most is farewell

Everyone she loved has left her one by one
She is all alone is this place without love
She wanders because she fears
No one is left to wipe away her tears

Her memories fade, and so does she
Nowhere to go,
Finally free

Death is easy to her and to her soul
Because in death is what she longed for most
She is now free from the worldly sins
She is now reunited with her loved ones_