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Nikky Affolder


Monroeville, IN, US

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My Angel


Nikky Affolder

Giant wings spread wide,
covering the dark sky above.
They hide me from the sun,
and sheild me from the cold.
A mighty Angel accomponies me day to day.
Ten feet high and a heart twice as wide,
has a smile that reflects the Father and the Son.
He protects me and does the Lord's bidding,
giving me support when I am unsteady.
He guards over me and watches me grow.
A glowing smile, bright eyes, and a pair of iridecent wings,
perfect as the Lord intended.
The Lord provided me with such an Angel,
He knew what I would need.
I thank-you Father for giving me,
such a precious and holy gift.
Thank-you Lord for my beautiful...
Guardian Angel.