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Lansing G. Affleck


Sault Ste. Marie, ON, CA

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The Sights and Sounds of Christmas"


Lansing G. Affleck

Through the hustle and the bustle
and the laughter of children playing around.
A tiny little snowflake
makes its way down to the ground.
It is joined by other snowflakes
and soon there is a blanket of white.
Everything is peaceful,
on this cold but starry night.

The church bells are gaily ringing,
the sounds of Christmas Carols float in the air.
The stores are full of shoppers,
no one seems to have a care.
They greet each other with kindness,
no one seems to be forlorn.
We are coming to the season,
When Christ, our Savior was born.



Lansing G. Affleck

I walked along a busy street,
my body wracked with pain.
The wind was blowing on my back
and softly fell the rain.
The wind was cold and I was feeling old,
my clothes were soaking wet.
My shoes were torn and the soles were worn,
what I wouldn't give for a cigarette.
I walked along that city street
wondering what I would gain.
I was getting cold and not so bold
and softly fell the rain.

My luck ran out some years ago,
I lost all that I had made.
My house, my car, my family too
but wow, the time I had was great.
The booze was fine, the drugs were good
and ladies at my side.
As long as I had the money,
they were there for the ride.
The well went dry and I was broke,
the friends I had were gone.
I found myself so all alone
and thought I'd go insane
and as I slowly plodded on,
softly fell the rain.