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Kerri Admirand


Brockton, MA, US

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Follow Your Heart


Kerri Admirand

Follow your heart
That's what you said
Now I'm talking to you
And can't get you outta my head

I remember the good times
And all the bad ones too
And even right now
I wanna be with you

You were always there to listen
I remember all the walks by the river
And even before then
I'd talk to you about my dad and his faulty liver

I need you now
And i want you back
We'll see what happens
Show me what you got to mack

I miss you so much
And wish you were mine
I wish you were right here
We could chill wine and dine

So you wanna start over
Well let's do what you said
I'll be waiting for you
And dreaming of you in my head

So I'll be waiting
To follow my heart
And be with you
To have a brand new start