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Oluwatoyin Adegoke


London, England, UK

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In Motion


Oluwatoyin Adegoke

In the crushing heat;

In constant motion;

Tired and laboured,
Afraid to look up,
There`s nothing to see,
"Iboman" still dey Lagos!

Edging about,
Shifting position,
In constant motion.

The mind in a drone;
Vibrant and strong;

Aching without options,
"tough times never last"!
It used to come and go,
Now it`s here to stay!

Uncertainty and fear,
Intermingled with despair.

The constant familiar;
"naija ni ja wa"!
so they say,
Fast receeding.

The nostalgic flavour.
Living the illusion,
In constant motion.

Drinking of the dregs,
The all too familiar.
Savouring the essence,
Long gone from the presence.

"eni to kan lo mo"!
the reality of the present.
In constant motion,
Never ending!