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Aderemi Adegbite


Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria

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White Dove


Aderemi Adegbite

White dove the symbol of peace
Up above the sky you fly
North and south you pace the sky.
White dove the prophet of peace
Here I am I need your peace
Before my people fall to pieces

White dove please pace my path
And bring to me your perfect peace
Before my people fall apart.

White dove apostle of peace
Here we are we need your peace
Fly our path the Black folks space.

White dove spread your peace
On every beings on this earth space
To leave as one but not in pieces!

Picture My Presence


Aderemi Adegbite

Wherever you are,
Wherever you be,
Either near or far away
Keep our oath of love
Sacred like the Hole communion;
Flashback at our romantic moments,
Remember our words of passion
And affection deep in emotion.
Distance reflects no difference,
Your heart could picture my presence
Anytime you feel my absence
And recite these words of LOVE:
Oh my dear love,
I love you dearly
My darling love.
Even while I'm away,
Whether Near or far away;
Across the widest ocean,
Up the highest mountain,
Down the lowest valley;
In the depth of the deepest sea
My heart is dearer
To you my lonely love.
Forever will you be my love,
Evermore, you're my love.