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Rev Peter E Adotey Addo


Greensboro, GA, US

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Dignity Of Vision


Rev Peter E Adotey Addo

To Ghana our hearts and souls belong, our dreams of old and new.
Your sacred grounds receiving our libations as you did our mothers and fathers.
Hopes never faltering while heeding the wisdom of the ancients.
The sacred drums will beat as we feed from our mothers’ breasts
While our fathers nurture our visions old and new against all odds.
With perseverance, trust, honesty, keen foresight and compassion
We pledge our commitment to a prosperous and brighter future.
So watch over our tomorrows until you claim us back again
Lest we forget, lest we perish.

Dedicated to The Ghanaian Students @ Cornell University Ithaca New York.
On The 49th Independence Celebration of The Republic Of Ghana March 4th 2006. All Rights Reserved

Ths Place Called Home


Rev Peter E Adotey Addo

Sometimes my memory corrodes my mind
But there are parts I know it cannot change.
Sometimes I may deny past the hour of dawn
And like a migrating beast, they fly away.
Why is it so difficult to forget?
Perhaps these are just partial images passing through.
Where I once lived, someone lives there now
But I have to be strong to fight these images
To keep fragments of my childhood place.
So soon so little will be left
And I shall be alone.
But shall I ever find myself alone
Wondering if it had ever been
This place, this life
The memory makes it difficult to forget.
But like a pail of salt water left in the sun
It evaporates and melts away
Only to leave a white powder
That tastes foul to the tongue.
This place, this life, Kukuhill



Rev Peter E Adotey Addo

A Moment Of Truth For Kenya And Africa. By Rev P Adotey Addo

A Moment Of Truth For Kenya And Africa..By Rev P E Adotey Addo

The violence that rocked the world
Reached horrific levels resulting everywhere
With loss of children, women, and men for days
Burned in a church as they were seeking sanctuary
And sanctuary was denied
In flames by mobs infuriated by votes.
The innocent victims faced their rage
Seeking help from locked doors and homes ending
As charred bodies and trash in the once silent streets
No water from kinfolks and no food from neighbors
With nothing gained to be sure.
Only we can save ourselves from this rage

Dedicated to those who lost their lives in the post Election Riots,Kenya, Jan .2008