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Peter Addo


Greensboro, Norh Carolina, US

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Memories Of Home


Peter Addo

Inside the gate the smell of strong tea in the air
With burnt toast and real butter
Outside the gate, strong cinnamon and nutmeg.
But I preferred the neighbors who
Cooked rice, plantain and pepper sauce
And the other that made me nauseous at times,
Fried curry rice and herbs.
But I could stand the garlic
And onions from the other side
As I wondered how many bags of onion could smell that strong.
The dawn came each morning and the sun was never late
With the dew drops on the grass
And those insects who have ventured into the light
Now lying helpless on the ground,
Struggling to recapture their lost flight
Before the crows and other birds
Make a feast of them.

The Guiding Light


Peter Addo

Many of our young seem to be lost,
In a daze and often seem to live in another world.
Some just sit by the edge
Forgetting we are all in the family.
As the World Turns each day
Our children have become
The young and the restless
The bold and beautiful generation.
So in this new millennium
Here is an advise to all the young
Whether on drugs or alcohol or sex.
You have to realize here and now
That you have but One Life to Live
You donít have to spend
The days of your Lives
In the general hospital.
Remembering we have but one life to live
I rather see you in Penn State
Rather than your State Penn.
So what you need to do my friend
Is to find and follow the guiding light back home
Where your father has always been.
After all Father Knows Best.