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Tim Addison


Tunbridge Wells, England, UK

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Time to Heal


Tim Addison

I sit, in the hollow in the pebbles,
Warm from the mellow sun which has baked their skin through the day,
The sea, restless,
Foaming tongue of brine, flicking at the shore,
Then, like a sharp intake of breath, the wave recedes back,
Rearranging the pebbles, as if trying to find a pattern.
But there is no pattern,
There will always be gaps,

The sea is patient though, and will try for eternity,
As will I when I try to repair my love,
Like the sea that Iím admiring, Iíll be trying, trying. Looking, looking,
Forever I will strive to find that perfect pattern.
The pattern I had once before,
Then threw it all away,
Like the sea, I have time, and I have patience,
I just need for my love to be seen as true again,
Then my pattern will be complete.