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Tot Adams


Waynesboro, VA, US

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The Dove (an altered version of Poe's The Raven)


Tot Adams

Once among the twilight eerie, lying in bed, feeling dreary,
About a certain friend of mine that has hurt me to my core
While I laid there, lamenting my lapse, I heard a gentle tapping,
It sounded of something rapping, rapping for a hole to bore
"'Tis but a bird," I said, "tapping for a hole to bore
Only this and nothing more."

Twas a cold midnight in the morn of December,
The moon's beams dove in through the window, and shown upon the carpeted floor.
Avidly I wanted the morrow; - - for I needed to borrow
From her heart a little comfort of sorrow - - sorrow for the broken door - -
The door to my sad and seethed soul which was hurt by the one who bore
The holes in my soul's door

The noise outside began to grow stronger, so I waited no longer,
"Hey," said I, "quit your ceaseless racket for a hole to bore;
I was busy napping, and then you started up your rapping,
and more and more tapping, tapping for a hole to bore,
Please just stop it" - - I then approached the sight of the bore;
Darkness there and one thing more.

Open here I pushed the shutters, when, with several flirts and flutters,
In flew a beautiful Dove of so many pleasant lore.
Not the least belligerence made she; nor a painful moment stayed she,
She flew gracefully through my room, and perched upon my headboard - -
The fragrance of a lost love filled the air, as she flew for my headboard - -
Perched, and sat, and nothing more.

Then this ivory bird beguiling my gloomy face into smiling,
By the peaceful and placid behavior of the expression she wore,
"Surely with a face so pretty and pacific," I said, "you most be loved,
admired and adored for a Dove roaming through this chilly pre-morn - -
Tell me what you go by on this so chilly pre-morn.
Said the Dove, "Forevermore."

The bird looked at me faintly. It's emerald eyes so saintly,
I thought nothing of the answer - - as it perched on the headboard;
For you and I both can see that it just could not be
That this familiar fowl sat lovingly on top of the headboard,
And her name was "Forevermore."

But this Dove, standing forlorn on her perch, cooed only
The one word, as if her heart only knew this word of great galore.
Nothing else she uttered; not a wing then she fluttered - -
Until I hardly more than muttered: "The same friend has flown before - -
Tomorrow she will leave me as she has done before."
The bird said nothing more.

The Dove then ceased beguiling my sad spirit into smiling
I pulled up a chair and sat staring at the bird upon the board that spoke nothing more,
than the words she said before my thinking, and then I began linking
My thoughts to hers and hers to mine but came up with nothing more - -
Than what I said before.

The white bird's warm eyes, were now a cold and heartless surprise.
Her feathers flapped as she rose from her perch on the headboard.
The familiar fragrance left as the bird committed theft
Of my already hurting heart and the damaged soul's door.
Oh how I wished forevermore.

Forevermore was what I wished, and for this I fished,
Fished for some hope that the Dove would return to my soul's door
Without inflicting so much pain and causing me to go insane
With doubts of my own integrity and thoughts of my morality
That led to this tragedy that collapsed my heart.
Oh how I wish forevermore.

Night after night, in the frigid hour of the twilight
I wait for her to return to my window, and speak forevermore.
I think of what I did to cause the Dove to fly
But honestly I can not think of why this beautiful creature left forevermore.
She is gone for good and nothing can be altered for she has left forevermore.
She'll be back nevermore.

Because I Could Not Stop For You


Tot Adams

Because I could not stop for you
As you kindly stopped for me
You invited me into your carriage
but I just could not see

Slowly you drove, you didn't hurry
And I had put away
My feelings and my inner truth
To come out another day

I finally caught up in my own carriage
And tried to wave you down
You passed me by and left my heart
bruised upon the ground

You paused once more
And I was elated
But once again you just left me in the dust
My love was so abated

Your carriage has come down my road again
And I won't act foolishly
For you and I are now together
We face toward eternity

inspired by Dickinson's Because I Could Not Stop For Death



Tot Adams

One word that has infinite meaning to me
You are a girl
You are a friend
You are a companion, a listener, and a lover
You care
You cherish, honor, and respect
You are admirable
You are beautiful, intelligent, and compassionate
You are ubiquitous
You are on my mind wherever I go
I see you in restaurants, in school, and at the mall
When I drive I see you
as if you were a bobble-head doll on my dashboard
Everyday I can hardly wait
to see your smiling face
You have the face of an angel, a goddess, heaven
I gaze into your eyes
and see your inner beauty
You have the eyes of shamrocks, emeralds, the forest
Light dances off of
your long flowing hair
You have the hair of golden wheat, the sun, daffodils
I hold you close
and feel your supple skin against mine
You have the touch of feathers, silk, velvet
I will be kind
I will be loving, concerned, and gentle
I will care
I will hold you, comfort you, and support you
I will be a friend
I will be a companion, a listener, and a lover
I couldnít possibly be happier
Because Iím with you
Letís make this last