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Melissa Adams


West Chester, PA, US

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a Nation reborn


Melissa Adams

Smoke rises,buildings fall.People screaming,people fall.

Buildings leveled,lives lost.Bodies missing,loved ones lost.

Whos alive?whos dead?Wheres the enemy?Have they fled?

Questions thought,questions asked.Answers unknown,it happened so fast.

Hearts broken,tears fall.Prayers said,people call.

Heros born,people unite.America mourns,candles light.

Enemys lost for we are strong and proud.We will have vengance you will be found.

America survives and together we band.Our buildings may have fallen but united we still stand.

America the great.We are home of the free.A proud nation we will always be.

In our stars and stripes we take great pride and for them we are prepared to die.

During our grief we will still weather this storm.You've broght us closer together.Our nation has been reborn.

are your eyes wide open?


Melissa Adams

Are your eyes wide open?Can you see her beauty?Her inner beauty?Her outer beauty?
Your eyes slowly wander,gazing at the perfection standing befor you.
The beautiful,flawless skin,long flowing hair,dark eyes,pale skin.
Shape of the leg so long and slender.Breast so petite and perky.
How about her unbreakable spirit.
You stand so close, breathing her in.Her sweet scent.
God shes so wild yet so tame.
You look once again at the perfection of the body which is flawless and lengthy.
Is she really so perfect?
What about her fragile heart which is so easily broken?She is like porceline,so very delicate.You must handle her with every bit of care.
Do you still think she is so flawless?
Are you ready for her?So I ask once again,Are your eyes really wide open?