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Elizabeth Adams


Fouke, AR, US

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Unforeseen Journey


Elizabeth Adams

So many symptoms, you have been to doctors galore,
Hearing the same opinions as each one before...
"There's nothing wrong with you" time after time,
You begin to wonder "Is it just in my mind?"

Deep bone aching pains, as if your body is dying,
Through your head, slivers of glass are flying.
Your young mind seems to be wired,
Yet, your young body is weary and tired.

Trembling hands attempting everyday tasks,
Lack of concentration that you once had.
Unaware of pacing the floor,
And wondering why you are so sad.
Standing on top of wooden stakes
As they pierce through your heels,
No physical evidence,
To how you really feel.

Wrongfully confined and imprisoned
In a somewhat hidden jail,
An invisible torture chamber
Built of muscles and tendons that fail.

Now you are a survivor
Of your body and mind at war
Fibromyalgia has struck you
Like no other soldier before.
Think of all you have given,
To life, to others, to love...
Keep your sense of humor
And put your faith in the Lord above!