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Linda Paulson Adams


Lee's Summit, MO, US

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Linda Paulson Adams

bloated worms
sprawl out and writhe on the
wet, soggy sidewalk
and water squishes through my
tennis shoes
and drips from my hair, slowly
i stand in a shallow puddle and
i watch them

they lie there helpless, some
coiled up some stretched out
and raindrops plop down upon them
some wriggle and try to reach grass
many are still. suffering. silent
a worm canít scream

instead of the fresh rainwater
i smell dying worms
drowning in
raindrops and

Frog Princes


Linda Paulson Adams

When I was still just a little girl
I read fairy tales about the world
Princes fighting for honor and glory
The same old story
Princess waiting for her prince to come
Sitting on her duff in a castle so glum
Those stories never talked about its leaky roof
Or what to do when the prince was a goof
And she didnít want him and never would
And had to Ďcause Papa said she should
Or how to behave when her love ran away
In search of new princesses and didnít stay
More than two hours after the ceremony
Princes back then didnít have alimony
I thought it was all pretty neat back then
Before I knew the mirrorís cracked when
He says he loves you for your mind
And he will wait any length of time
Because youíre absolutely the only one
While heís pushing on the remote with his thumb
The centuries havenít changed it all much
Bet old Cindy thought her prince a bit touched
One dance and one shoe and heís set for life
I donít even know you Iíll make you my wife
He seemed to me a brick shy of a load
Small wonder one princess tried kissing toads



Linda Paulson Adams

i step out
timidly into summer
and the humidity pours over me
in a suffocating blast
sweat leaks out of me like a sieve
in a rush to join the heavy air
i gag in the heat

the sun glares down at me
withering the trees
so they offer me no shade
no reprieve
from the sticky wet air or
the blistering heat of the pavement
scorching my tender pink feet

i am melting like butter in the sun
and the glare will fry my eyes
like two yellow eggs to the sidewalk and
my skin will pucker up and blister
like bacon in a cast-iron frying pan
drying up inside while the outside is grease

and i thought summer would be lovely



Linda Paulson Adams

Quietly putting the cradle away
We hold one another in tears
Of sorrow.

The empty cardboard box
Mocking us by its very presence
We fill it.

Slowly we place each item
Into its empty cavern with

For the life that will never use them
Never smile for us or ask us for his
First puppy.

Quietly packing our hopes away
For this one is not the same
As another

We hold each other with empty arms
Our unspoken thoughts only fears
Of tomorrow.



Linda Paulson Adams

The strands spread over the cool earth
So many shades and hues
Browns, blues, grays, greens, none significant
But you
You are the one golden thread
So sparkling, beautiful
That I gingerly
Take up with loving hands
You are the one
I want to weave
Throughout my life's tapestry



Linda Paulson Adams

All of my life where have you been,
You give me the biggest grin,
And a tingling feeling through the skin,
You have made me bring stuff up from within,
That i never thought were there and,
I hope you know I am always here,
I hope you have no fear,
I will always try to be near,
and to help you when you shed a tear,
I hope that nothing will come ever
between are friendship,
When i shed tears i hope to draw you near,
You have brought everything up and made it clear,
You are so sincere u better never disapper,
You in some ways have changed my life,
dedicated to Abbie T.