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Debbie Adams


Chattanooga, TN, US

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Rainy Day


Debbie Adams

The sound of rain
streaming to the earth
We nestle close
tranquil in our berth

Trivial conversations
not truly meaningless
The words not really heard
just the feeling of oneness

Lips so pleasing
so gentle and sweet
Hands tenderly caressing
as our eyes lovingly meet

Stirring movement
to places untold
This time is ours
a memory to have and to hold

At The Swimming Pool


Debbie Adams

Her fingers softly stroked my cheeks
though we had met only moments before.
She was aged and wrinkled with dark circles
around her deep sunken eyes.
I envisioned her younger and ravishing
now she only looked good for her age.
She became distant as she told of her life,
filled with an abundance, of elegant possessions.
She wanted for nothing that could be bought.
Her need was a feeling of passion.
She had been married over half a century
yet she could not disguise
the loneliness of a lifetime.

Our time was ending
we both had places to go.
She hesitated
then tears filled her eyes.
She told me she would pray for my happiness
squeezed my hand then slowly
walked away.



Debbie Adams

Birds are active after the rain
Ms. Robin found herself a worm
Mr. cardinal searching for his
I usually relish such sights
The roses that were blooming such a short time ago
have withered and gone
I know the leaves are green
they might as well be brown
The sun is peeking through the clouds
I can't feel it's warmth
It holds nothing bright
there are only shadows in the darkness

My Papaw


Debbie Adams

My poor old papaw
is quite odd
tho' he worked till his hands were raw
He spent his time down in the coal mine
his lungs are okay
but his mind's not too fine
Papaw has only a fourth grade education
brought home a heap of medical primers
said he was gonna be a brain surgeon
That antique likes to tell of his adventures
like the time he saw a space ship
then he drawed it and some alien creatures
Mamaw does all for that old person
she don't think he can do anythin'
and she has good reason
She went back home for just a day or so
papaw tried to fry an egg
he'd never done that befo'
Found a paper plate and covered it with foil
cracked open the egg
no butter or oil
He set that thang directly over the flame
he had no one else
but himself to blame
Poor old fella had to tell us of his plight
he nearly burnt down
the house that night
Nowadays when mamaw's not coming home soon
he pours the karo syrup over peanut butter
and eats it with a spoon



Debbie Adams

Don't you come near me.
Don't even speak.
Touch me
only if you dare.

Consumed with loathing.
Almost want to
kill something.
Should I load up the Ruger?
Conceal it in my purse?
Just let that cashier
to overcharge me today.

That damned little bird
keeps squalling.
It would be so easy
to hold him tightly.
Squeeze slowly.
Bones snapping.
Sour apples
oozing from his beak.

It's not really real.
Not anymore.
Took my purse to see the doc.
He said "just relax"
"Going to make you a new woman."
Hand on my purse,
"you damn well better."
Sent his nurse back in
with a years supply
of happy tabs.

What makes them think
I'd actually
take those things?!



Debbie Adams

It's mostly loneliness and grief.
Lines filled with bitterness and hostility.
Pain searching out and finding.
A gun shot shattered the night.

There must be a happy ending somewhere.
Hope found inside of sad memories.
Moving on to start a new life.
Being free like a hawk in flight.

Wish they were all about a big sexy lady.
The smell of flowers on a warm summer day.
How can the night be so lonely?
With so many stars and the moon shining bright.

Solutions hardly ever come easy.
Always searching but may never find.
If it were all just sunshine and roses
somehow it just wouldn't seem right.



Debbie Adams

I wanted to learn how
to make you please me.
I peeked into your dressed-up
little windows.
I saw all your pretty pictures
lined up neatly in a row.
Your Wizard appeared and tried
to stop me. I killed him
with your own tool.
The mouse was dragging
him away when
I sneaked inside
to play with your pictures.
I stripped them of their framework.
I probed the physique of each one
tenderly opening the cute little folders
that covered them.
They were unwilling in the beginning.
Then I fondled each of their buttons
gently stroking each key
with my fingertips.
They succumbed to my every command.
I have learned some of your
secrets to virtually move forward
and back again. I have only tasted
of the fruits beyond your windows.
I want more.



Debbie Adams

Queen of the gods
Divinity of the moon

Her eyes of sienna
So dreamily gaze
The slight of a smile
Held on her face
Absorbed with sublime grace

A goddess of wealth
Affluently dressed
Golden crown on her head
Golden scepter in hand
Most captivating goddess
Of that epoch in Dutchland

A goddess of marriage
Of women she protects
She has a grand figure
Positioned so noble
At her virtue
A peacock stands humble



Debbie Adams

This morning I sprung from bed in a cold sweat.
Was it only a dream?
I was shopping.
Strolling down the aisle
on a great wide slot,
four slice, black toaster hunt.
You see, it must be black.
I could not have a wide slot
four slice, white toaster.
I had been to many stores in my search
and had come to the conclusion;
no such animal existed.
I must settle for a wide slot,
two slice, black toaster.
It was at that moment of rationality
when I felt the presence.
It seemed like someone had entered my body.
It was as if someone were tenderly caressing me.
I felt feverish and I started to quiver.
I held tight to my cart as warm hands brushed over me.
A rude interruption, "Attention Kmart shoppers..."
What was that special? Did she say half price?
I looked for the flashing red light.
Or was it blue?
The warmth returned like melting butter
around my heart.
I could sense naked flesh.
Hot lips lavishing over my skin.
"...our store will be closing in fifteen minutes..."
Have to buy that, uh, that...
"...Miss you must leave...we are CLOSED!"

I arrived home in a daze, not knowing how I got there.
I carried in my bag and looked inside
it contained only one item

pop tarts?

A Day in December


Debbie Adams

It was not a typical December day.
It was warm and the sky was gray.
The misty rain reminded me of spring.
Christmas was near, I hadn't bought a thing.

Thought I'd get one of those artificial trees.
Didn't want to pick up needles on my knees.
I finally found a fake little pine.
An angel for the top would look so fine.

Bought a few gifts, paper, bows and tape.
The crowd was annoying, I must escape.
I loaded up the bags and tree in a box.
Thought I'd stop and buy dinner, I'm such a sly fox.

Bucks Barbeque, that's the place.
A big piggy in front, oh so southern, I made a face.
Ordered up some pork, fries and slaw.
Well done please, I hate it raw.

The troops were hungry cause I was late.
I quickly ran and made 'em a plate.
They screwed up the order, there's no slaw in that pack.
Just pork sandwiches, fries and beans? I shoulda took it back.

Told 'em I was sorry, dinner is more like lunch.
They grumbled, I told 'em to eat or their face I would punch.
I saw that face as he took the first bite.
He screamed, "There is slaw, it's just not in plain site."

I stared in amazement as he took off the top bun.
There was slaw on the pork, "I can't eat this hon."
I laughed so hard that I fell off my chair.
He wasn't laughing, just scratching his hair.

I composed myself and called up old Buck.
Said "Have you lost your mind? These sandwiches suck.
There's slaw on these things, no styrofoam cup."
He said, "I'll fix you some more, come pick it up."

Why would I want more? It's nasty like slop.
He said, "That's southern, the slaw's always on top."
He wasn't amused when I laughed and said, "that's silly."
Oh well, guess I'll never be a true hill billy.