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Troy Acree


New York, NY, US

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i'd know you


Troy Acree

i see you there
in the shadow of loneliness
i whisper your name
and you look for me

your desire to be reborn
without shame or guilt
is strong

but so is your love
of the fantasy
of destruction
degradation burns away the lies
depravity confirms the nothingness
that is all you can believe in

no matter what you're wearing
i'd know you
by your emptiness

strange new dream


Troy Acree

I have saved so many things from destruction
only to see them destroyed
and wasted so much time and hope
that I wonder how much is left
still when I think of you
and hear the softness in your voice
the blackness disappears
a strange new dream
is born in me
again and again
you speak to my heart
when I think that my heart
has been cut out and buried
who are you
woman of the strange new dream
and why do I want
to write poetry for you
when poetry has left me forever

that painfull kiss


Troy Acree

that painful kiss
with mouths lightly pressed
for minutes
how long could it go on
and melting into you
so completely
that thoughts became
blown far away
and your mouth
and your tongue
and your soft face
as my hand brushed your cheek
and the soft, soft sadness
of knowing that something would stop us
of knowing that something would get in the way
of knowing that this might be everything
all these forever things
and that painful kiss
still stab me deeply
and still leave me aching
and still make me want you
knowing that something
is in the way