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Claudia Acosta


El Paso, TX, US

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Pressures of High School


Claudia Acosta

You wanted to be cool
And do everything you heard at school.
If only you knew it was the actions of a fool.
Without another thought,
Polo, Nautica, Gucci you bought.
You looked everything but hott.
Everything to be part of the crowd;
Only now can you be proud.
But as bills roll in you cry very, very loud.

Now you got yourself a date.
Could it be fate?
She barfed and starved to loose weight;
Her body stood as bait.
She had to look her best
And even emphazized her chest.
North, South, East or West?
She heard all boys like direction
And are open to all sorts of affection.

But big bad Billy Bob was afraid.
It was his first time getting laid.
He needed help to prevent their fires fade,
So he went to the designated coner and paid.
A simple solution,
Now a walking polution.
If only he knew it would come to this conclusion.
Love was strong in both their eyes,
But evil stood between their secret lies.
In high school your purity dies,
And we all become pests just like flies.
Accept yourself as who your are,
If not stay close to a bar,
But never let pressure push you too far.