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Brad Ackland


Moora, Western Australia, Australia

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Stars Over Valentine


Brad Ackland

On a cool Summer's eve once the sun has gone down
And you happen to glance up above
The stars that you'll see sparkling high in the sky
Are the tokens to measure my love

Like my love for you stars are a long way away
Yet their light still shines steadily on
And although they may often be hard to make out
You know they will never have gone

The stars have been there for a very long time
They have shone through your good times and bad
They never will judge you or fail to shine
Like other things you may have had

Occasionally clouds pass in front of the stars
And their glow can't be seen with the eye
But the clouds soon are parted and the stars will shine through
Like they always have, high in the sky

So whatever may cause an obstruction of view
Be it distance, the clouds or the moon
The stars that you gaze at will always be shining
And you'll know they are shining for you.