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Jonathan Acierto


Fort Wayne, IN, US

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Jonathan Acierto

A katana is very beautiful,
It is a sword with elegance and grace.
Samurais used them in their dutiful
Exploits through the history of their race.

When unsheathed, the polished blade catches light.
The hand made steel shines; the temper line shows
Like a white frost left from a cold, cold night.
"Perfect," everyone who looks at it knows.

The blade gently curves from the hilt to tip.
The cutting edge follows from start to end.
And a blood groove allows for flow and drip,
Of remaining blood from the victims end.

What a flawless sword, the katana is,
Invincible is he who makes it his.

Valentine Haiku


Jonathan Acierto

What's that scent I smell?
It's love, blooming all around.
It's Valentine's Day.



Jonathan Acierto

Remember that day
when you talked with me?
I fell in love with you,
a love you'll never see.

You are so nice,
you're smile so inviting.
Your voice is so sweet,
I find it most exciting.

But you could have any guy.
They all try to woo you.
All except for I,
because I don't deserve you.

So, alas, here I am,
I can't tell you how I feel.
I'm such a loser.
To you, I'll never be real.

I'm a Nonconformist


Jonathan Acierto

I'm a nonconformist,
I follow no rule.
I'm a nonconformist,
I am no fool.

People tell me what to do,
but I never pay attention.
Like a bird I fly
away from there apprehension.

Then, others want me to join there team,
to give them an advantage.
I just laugh in their faces,
and maybe quote some old adage.

So, that's what I am,
I'm a nonconformist.
And that's all I want to be,
just a nonconformist.



Jonathan Acierto

Today was my friend's seventeenth birthday
and how the people congratulated him.
I did too, but than that made me think,
"Why didn't that happen on my birthday?"

It struck me, I don't have a lot of real friends.
I have many a casual friend at school.
Yet, they don't know me very well at all.
It's a fact, they just don't seem to care.

Maybe because I'm Filipino.
Maybe because I'm good with a sax.
Maybe I'm acting like some sort of snob.
Or maybe because I'm just a loser.

The World


Jonathan Acierto

What is wrong with the world today?
Everyone wants to have their way.
Murder, blackmail, and prejudice.
Everyone is vulnerable.

We must strive to do the right thing.
Shuffle off this evil and sing.
I feel sorry for those who don't, because
For them, the world is a dark and lonely place.

Easter Poem (to a marshmellow egg)


Jonathan Acierto

Jelly beans, chocolates, and other candies.
These are the pleasures of Easter.
But none compare to one of my favorites,
The almighty marshmellow egg!

Oh, marshmellow egg, with its chocolate shell,
And its sweet, soft treasure contained inside.
Come, let me bite into thee and release
Your treasure into my awaiting mouth.

The sweet, soft marshmellow melts in my mouth.
Memories of past Easter egg hunts come back.
The colors of Easter dance in my eyes.
I feel like a child all over again.