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Vishak Acharya


Shimoga, Karnataka, India

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The Hounds of Winter


Vishak Acharya

The dew of the night dampens the early soil

moistens the lofty and blemished dawn.

so welcomes an another day of pain and bane's.

my winter has just but begun.

you have me cold and numb

can hardly feel you pall my very veins.

have me frigid, for am comfortably numb.

its just an another sordid winter.

am trapped in the gist of your remorseless gales

cocooned to the depths of your polar paws.

dare not confront the angst and fury of your squall.

its just another spiritless winter.

the air serene and placid in retort

the storms of winter have me reeling.

stung, the anguish of your frosty forays.

but than, my winter never does recede.

let the warmth and the winter castigate me

shall not the winter freeze a blazing me.

acknowledge not the blemishes of your fiendish ways.

shut me out in a cauldron, for a long long winter.

see specks in the clouds tall and grey.

and you in the horizon distant and playful.

thaw the despondency that clog my very veins.

but, my autumn has just but begun.