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Fred Abramowski


Bath, NY, US

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Fred Abramowski

alone i sit on the floor
alone i stand by my door
again i stair into the darkness within
to find nothing
nothing within

i can't show the emotion i hide
i feel nothing by my side
the emptyness is all around
from my head to my feet

i still remember the day i was born
why she always told me that i was not right
the time has change
the time is almost right
to die one faithful night



Fred Abramowski

I walk alone to see nothing
Nothing to see
People all around me are against me

I fight to survive each and every day
Like a fish tring to swim up stream
Fighting everyone
Fighting everything

People only hear the lies they are told
They only see the lies on my face
I try to hold the rage inside
Like a bomb ready to explode

Some day
Someone might release the rage inside
Then they will see the true me
The lies will be gone
The real me will sine through
Aan all around they will be scared

Scared of the dealth they will see in my eyes
My heart will fill with rage from inside
I will not be able to stop the fearce rage within
Until they notice

That the RAGE

no one!


Fred Abramowski

i look at myself
i stare at nothing
i hate you, i hate me
the pain that tears me apart
never stops
not for a hour, not for a second
it never stops

i gone though hell
and back
on the way
i sold my soul to the devil
the price was cheap!
i tuck one look at him
he felt the heat

i went to the priest
to see if god still cared
the priest fell to his knees'
and he started crying


for he looked in to my eyes
and felt the heat
for he saw
no one was here
not even me!

so lead a life of nothing to no one
i stad on my own two feet
fuck everybody
fuck even me!

Simplicity of life


Fred Abramowski

what was once a simple past-
is now a complex of life.
Boredom has a knew meaning,
work has a knew path.
Women, men, children-
all so different,
all so alike.
Held in the chamber
of our hearts is this simplicity,
is this way of life,
we can all do it,
we all must see it.