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Silchar, Assam, India

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It Seems



The morning cuckoo sings,
And my heart springs,
What I first of all find
Are her thoughts in my mind.
All her memories do unfold
She’s there, beside me, it seems.

In my dreams, time and again,
She comes like a refrain,
Descending from heaven’s gate,
Sparkling as if an agate.
She’s my heart and my soul
For me she’s everything, it seems.

On the left lakes, luring and loving,
And the right rosaries rejoicing,
Before me ice-capped hills,
Decorated with dancing daffodils.
The scene when she’s there
Is no less than a paradise, it seems.

The moments when she is near,
Generate within me a fear.
How if she were not there?
My life would have remained bare.
Her very presence has made me live
I’m in love with her, it seems.

But Where...?



Those bright and colorful days,
And the beaming sunrays
Of your love made me live,
They did all my spree give.
But where are the days gone
Leaving my heart so alone?

The flowers splendid and fragrant,
Had furnished a garden vibrant,
Where we did everyday meet
As do hills and sleet.
But where is the spring gone
Leaving my garden so alone?

The moments we spent together,
Give endless memories to gather.
They had built up a whole palace,
Whose every brick showed your face.
But where is the abode gone
Leaving my world so alone?

I would have loved you,
(Let the sky change its hue!)
Till the coming of the cruel chime
Of the end of our time.
But where have you gone
Leaving me totally alone?

My Love Abode



The sun, his daily routine keeps,
From behind the mounts he peeps,
To find me busy dreaming,
Of the days of love, gleaming,
Knocking at my heartís door,
As she draws close, more and more.

Her smile disparages the morning,
And in the daylight, glittering
I can feel her furbishing presence;
In the breezes her fragrance
Comes to fill me with delight,
As her mane brings home the night.

Flow with the streams to those billows,
And see how the span grows
To capture the lands around;
So does her love abound
Rule my heartís love lands,
And I build castles off the sands.

Waters do blow away castles abeach,
But ours they cannot reach;
For her love will pacify the waves
(May it never see the graves.)
And the castles turn to our abode,
As I sing for her this love ode.