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T. Allen Abele


Harrisburg, PA, US

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Nature Retreat (Hummingbird Tanka)


T. Allen Abele

Nature Retreat

hummingbird hovers
morning glory, steel tower
in patient battle
girders straddle cornfield rows
houses march over the hills



T. Allen Abele

Nothing outside me in this lighted room
I sweep away the past with a whisk broom
When I awake the last day will be done
and Iím expected to begin another one.
Lo! My story of running over words
My tongue no longer lasheth like a sword
and be the pills I take my special friends
I know they are for myself in the end.
Control my heart, restore my missing om
I long for the chaotic peace of home
My oceans green are glazed with mornís red rays
Iím nearing port and listing high and low
Blindly oíer the whitecapsí watery maze
Zeus guides me where he wants my ship to go

O Gathering Storm


T. Allen Abele

Gales from when I rue
Fails come thence I too
Wails from which I come

Sails of schooner waves
Bails water from the caves
Tales of kitebound heights

See come whence I we
He without his she
Me do rave down up

Fees for service sought
Glees when Iím distraught
trees...wind in my hair