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Shabnam Abdoola


Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

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A tribyte 2 the angels dying of the devlish AIDS


Shabnam Abdoola

The angel that turned my hell into Heaven
The star that brightened my dark life
The only flower in my entanglement of weeds
But you my flower,as flowers must do-
Will soon have to leave me,will have to go
As you began to wilt my heart began to sink
Your struggle for survival was made easier
By the hope given to you by your role model
Brave Little Nkosi Johnson
Your system crashes further day by day
The virus is taking it's time to eat you away
There isn't a solution or a way
To make all these problems go away
We learn to be stronger,overcome our fears
To cherish our memories of long gone years
You shall remain-innocent and clear-
A burning candle trying to keep alight
Fighting with all it's might
Only to survive,to live it's rightful life.