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Jan Abbott


Windsor, Vemont, US

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Angel Therapist


Jan Abbott

I was covered by depressions dark morass
You enfolded me in your snow white feathery angel wings
I emerged healed- glowing, smiling ;
I was at peace

6 Months


Jan Abbott

6 Months.... Wow, had it been that long? Was it really posible? How had I ever managed.Well,certainly not alone. No,certainly not alone.It was you who said "Don't do it!" when I was ready to give in.It was you who said "let's go to a meeting."It was you who shared.It was you who listened to me weep.It was you who listened to me babble as I sometimes do.It was you who told me politely and gently it wasn't all about me.It was you who talked to me before a meeting or afterward.It was you who shared a laugh,a smile or a hug.It was you who who didn't say anything at all, but just were there.It is my fervent hope that I have given something to you as well.Yes, it was my Higher Power and I who did the leg work; but also I never could have done it without you