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Misty Abbott


Raymond, WA, US

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Who Am I


Misty Abbott

I am as blue as the sky
I am the wave as you say goodbye
I am the tear filled with sorrow
I am yesterdays tomorrow
I am the rain as it falls to the ground
I am the new love you never found
I am the heart thats been broken
I am the words of love never spoken

Promise Me


Misty Abbott

the ocean waves crashed against the shore
you held me tighter, our closness warmed me
the grains of sand become my scatttered thoughts
your words penatrate my heart and soul...'together forever'
i ponder the thought...
Can you promise me?

as you began to speak my heart raced
the words i needed to hear did not come
i began to tremble as sorrow and grief over-took me
the tears meant nothing to you
you said...'we will work it out'
my heart is hoping...
Can you promise me?

as we stood there the nigt sky twinkled
the tears shed reminded me of the pains of this day
you walked away with your cold icy stare....i was left trembling
yet...i knew that your frozen star said goodbye
i said to question is answered...
You can never promise me.

Never Know


Misty Abbott

i cried tonite
out of hurt, anger, or fear
i'll never know
my tears represented
my sorrows
i'll never know

i cried tonite
giving myself one chance
dwelling on lifeless thoughts
knowing that our hearts
will never meet
being torn apart

i cried tonite
realizing that out of fear
i will go on loving
you or someone else
i'll never know

out of fear...i cried tonite

"...mixed feelings"


Misty Abbott

a jumble of words
confusion controling my life

screaming voices ringing
terror echoing through my ears

tears streaming down
false love filling my heart

blood trickling form a wound
pain stripping my sanity

blackness covering the earth
death entering my mind