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At a steady pace,
My existence lives in last place
Behind everyone else in the race,
The race of life,
The race of success.

Every waking day begins in the deepest shade of blue,
Never as bright as most are accustomed to.
Without the embrace of love and support,
Though I am told that it's nothing of the sort.

Most battles are fought by me alone,
A lone combatant,
Dodging the bombs of trust, the bombs of love.
The hot rounds of a world looking to shoot holes in my sanity,
morality, and humble nature.

I stay sunken to the bottom of the deep blue lake,
While the world looks down on me from its yacht,
Waiting for me to swim to the top,
To see if i'm able to swim to the top,
But I have nothing to prove to the world,
so I build my home at the bottom of the lake,
Where I can stay the truest,
where the shade of blue is deepest.