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Writers are needed for all levels of this campaign. The task of writing the very words I am entering on our Web site in this very page, could probably be better done by somebody else...say somebody with a better grasp of descriptive and persuasive language. So, writing overlaps with many of the other task areas. Right now, Patrick and Willy are perfectly capable with keeping up with the writing demands of the Oprah for President - 2008 effort.

As time goes on, and the effort expands to embrace the work of thousands of volunteers, we will certainly wish to pass on much of our work to others. So, if you fancy yourself a good to excellent writer, please volunteer to help with this aspect of our effort.

Don't forget that there are significant populations of Americans who speak other languages, especially Spanish, fluently. So if you are adept at Spanish/English translation, this is another area of writing for which there is a need.

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