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Oprah for President - 2008

Oprah for President - 2008

Someone we can both love and trust!


Good News and Bad News

If Oprah was President - Official Theme Song

We give up! Oprah has finally convinced us that she is not only not going to run, but decided instead to risk her reputation backing Barack Obama. Since he won, we guess it was a GOOD risk!

We will leave this site online for historical reasons, since we have wasted over seven years of our lives on this quixotic quest and feel that something should come of it. It's a real shame. She could have been a very good president and made history. Some of the best leaders have been those who initially did not want to lead. But, it looks like Obama has made that hhistory and may very well become the best president ever despite the huge mess Bush naded him..

Read the Good News page to see what people who have already joined up are saying. Then join all of us in what will become the most important election in history. Here are some other things you can do on this site.

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