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Letters to Oprah

Letters to Oprah

We urge you to write a letter to Oprah telling her, in your own words, why she should run for president in 2008. Below are quoted some of the letters already written. When you have finished, send it to:

The Dream Machine
Attn: Letters for Oprah
2500 E. 24th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55406-1209

We will read your letter to obtain any quotable quotes to put on this Web page and will then pass it on to Patrick Crowe, who is collecting a huge set of them to present to Oprah when the time is right.

Here are some excerpts from letters previously sent:

Note just how many are from Houston, Texas! Maybe they know something we don't. Anybody else out there?

Your influence on the American people surpasses that of all other presidents in history...
John, Sugerland, TX

You should run for president because you aren so insporiational and you could help the economy...
Andrea, Alief, TX

you...have a critically important world view...are willing to speak the truth...have a deep concern for people...
M. Adelise, Sacremento, CA

You should be president because you are intelligent, self-made, able to excel in the corporate world while always remembering your roots and you are the one person who may be able to unite us.
Daphine, email

You should run for president. We need someone in thatoffice who has brains and compassion... If you need help n my area I'd be happy to volunteer...
Laura, Portsmouth, NH

Please run for president. You understand the people.
Fernando, Houston, TX

Dear Oprah, please run...if you're good enough for Pat Crowe that's good enough for me. I'll vote for you.
Paula, Kansas City, MO

Please run...You are so genuine and helpful to people. Your great management style and respect for mankind will add a new and respectful division to politics.
Amy, Orlando, FL

It would be nice if Hillary Clinton was your V.P.
Sarite, Houston, TX

Oprah, please run for president...need your help...stop the war in Iraq...some are missing family members.
Nghai, Houston, TX

...You wold be able to accomplish things most people would not...
Steph, Walla Walla, WA

Please have enough courage to run for president.
La Tonya, Houston, TX

Dear Oprah, Why do I think you should be president? Well first because I'm black and it would be great for a black female to run for president...it might be a man's world but we all know a woman runs it.
Evene, Houston, TX

Dear Oprah, Please run for president...Live your best life. Remember your spirit.
Jessica, Houston, TX

Dear Oprah, You always come through and get stronger...when you give advice I feel like you're talking directly to me...you won't make idotic decisions like Bush.
Mary, Houston, TX

I did a project on you where I found out so much about you...you will win...go, Oprah, go.
Joslyn, Houston, TX

I loved you in the movie, The Color Purple.
Julie, Houston, TX

Dear Oprah, Please run for president...you are generous, motivating and sincerely care for the well being of others...
Melissa, Houston, TX

Dear Oprah, I will campaign for you 24/7. You're everyone's favorite person. Please accept the challenge.
Nancy, Lee's Summit, MO

We are all behind the idea to have you run for president...We'll be happy to watch returns for four to eight years...please, please, please.
Rebecca, Lee's Summit, MO

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