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Dollars for Oprah

Dollars for Oprah

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If you thought you were going to be solicited here for some dollars, you couldn't be more wrong! Instead, we are asking YOU to do a simple task. In imitation of a site known as Where's George which is asking surfers to mark up US currency in order to track the movement of bills around the country, we are asking you to do a similar task.

That is, before you spend those dollar bills you are carrying in your purse or wallet, turn them over and write:

OPRAH FOR PRESIDENT - dreamagic.com

on the top edge of the reverse side, on the white space at the top, as pictured below.

This will have two effects. The slogan will suggest to people that they consider Oprah as a viable candidate for president. The site address, although if it used as is it is pointing to our home page rather than this site, will quickly lead the surfer...through links...to this very page and encourage him or her to do the same thing. So make a point of writing this message on every dollar bill you spend. It will only cost you a few moments of your time and it might...just might...make history.

Most importantly, a massive response to this message will serve to inform Oprah that there really is a groundswell of support for her out her in the boondocks. Right now she is reluctant to even try, saying through spokespersons that she "is not interested in the job." Let's convince her otherwise...

Note: For those of you that think this is "defacing" currency and is against the law, be advised. This is ONLY TRUE if your markings alter the useability of the bill, such as altering its serial number or denomination. So, be careful to only write in the "white space" at the top of the rear of the bill.

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