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A Plan for Drafting and Electing Oprah President

A Plan for Drafting and Electing Oprah President

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At this stage of development, the plan is simple. The most important task is to convince Oprah herself that the run is worth the trouble. Toward that end, we propose:

  1. THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT TOOL we have at the moment is word-of-mouth. Lacking the formally announced candidacy of Ms. Winfrey, the best way we can convince her that it is time to run is the united voice of thousands of people willing to work toward that end. So, tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell your customers, co-workers, colleagues...tell EVERYONE you encounter. Before this draft effort can break-out into the mainstream media (still in control) we have to create a mighty "buzz" of conversation and discussion of the possible Oprah candidacy. Spread the word.

    Note: This has already started, but the offline media can not be trusted to do anything positive for our effort. We still need to harness the Power of the Net.

  2. If you haven't already, join the Reform Party in your area and try to attend important meetings, especially those where a vote is taking place. The existing party is fearful that Patrick Buchanan's Army of volunteers will overwhelm the small numbers now enlisted into the RP and the RP leaders are talking of changing the rather democratic rules of the Party toward more exclusivity. This is exactly WRONG! The proper response is to quickly organize an opposing force with numbers sufficient to counteract any effort by the Buchananites to take over the party. Failing this, the RP DESERVES to become the Buchanan party! We need an Oprah spokesperson at every RP gathering for the next year. YOU can be that person!

    Note: The Buchanan forces, well organized from previous Presidential runs, appear to be steadily gaining. The rank and file in the Minnesota Reform Party are still mostly unhappy about this and threatening to bolt from the national party if he is chosen.

  3. The Internet is going to be the force that binds us all together. If you have not already done so, go to our sign up form and register as a volunteer. Also, tell as many of your friends and acquaintances as you can to do the same. We would like to have one thousand volunteers, covering all fifty states, signed up by January 1st. We believe that this will be sufficient evidence of grassroots support to convince even the most skeptical that Oprah is a viable candidate for president. The Net can unite us and keep us united. Once you have signed up, you will be sent a letter of introduction. This letter will be followed by many others, on a regular basis, so that you can keep in constant touch with how the effort is going. Within a few weeks, we will start sending specific "marching orders" depending upon your geographical location. This is because the political needs differ from state to state, district to district. For example, the RP isn't even on the ballot in over half the states and each has a different requirement to get on. We Oprah volunteers can and should assist these efforts any way we can. Also, take a moment to post a comment on our bulletin board. We want and need it to become a place where people can argue, cuss and holler about what is being done. Right now, a few of us are providing all the ideas for moving forward. YOU need to become part of that process.

    Note: Recruitment was going along very well after the initial flurry of stories. We currently, as of the end of the third week, have signed up volunteers from 23 states. However, Oprah's statement that she is "not interested" coupled with a general writing off of the Reform Party as kooks and crazies by the national media has apparently convinced most people that our effort is futile. DO NOT BELIEVE THIS! We still detect tremendous latent support among ordinary people and believe the Internet is the only way to harness it.

  4. Finally, at each stage of development of this movement, people with particular talents will be needed. For example, right now we need writers (for campaign literature, press releases, Web site content, etc.). We could also use some help developing and maintaining the Web site. If you can help in either of these tasks, say so NOW. Later, people with the social skills to organize in person will be more important, as the campaign heats up.

    Note: Actually, the "grunt work" on the Internet...lining up cross-links, registering with search engines, posting notices in newsgroups...is still our most potent tool after word-of-mouth. WE NEED HELP WITH THIS!

Please note that the above is simply "a" plan. Events can and, we suspect, will alter this plan significantly. We intend to pursue this plan as faithfully as we can and to advise you how things are going as time goes on. But, in the real world of politics, things can happen very rapidly. Already, the "buzz" of a potential Oprah candidacy has seeped into the "real" world. But, our main tool remains the Internet. We intend to use it to the fullest and hope you assist us.

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