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News Flash

News Flash

This is both a tentative Plan B to augment our Plan A…getting Oprah to run for President in 2008…and an appeal to all our volunteers and the general public for other ideas to move our cause along.

The hoorah around Barack Obama, the junior Senator from Illinois…who Oprah is currently backing for President…suggested to us a different strategy for convincing Oprah to take the plunge. Many people who like the idea of Oprah in the White House, have been influenced by this sudden surge of excitement around Obama.

We personally, Webmaster Willy Chaplin and Volunteer Coordinator Gypsy Claybourne, having both worked within the Democrat party in the past, believe there is almost no chance whatsoever for either Obama or Oprah to be nominated by that party.

But, we may be wrong. So, we suggest the following change of direction and solicit your comments and ideas on the matter.

Since Oprah is backing Obama, we ask her only to say that she will “consider” running for president as a third party candidate, if Obama backs out of the race, or it becomes obvious that he will not be nominated by the Democrats. Should the opposite occur…that is, he looks to be the shoo-in for the nomination…we will take down this site and turn over our volunteer list to Obama…that is, of course, only those of you who give us explicit permission to include information about you in the trunover.

This will have two immediate effects. First, it will enable our recruiters to overcome the main objection they encounter when trying to get others to join our movement. This is the feeling among people that Oprah will never, under any circumstances, run for president. This will swell our volunteer list making it more and more likely that if she runs, she will have the backing to win.

The second, perhaps more important effect, is that it will give the standard media…radio, TV and newspapers…another alternative to discuss other than the “horse race” within the major parties which is already boring the public half to death.

What do you think?

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