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Volunteer Comments

Volunteer Comments

Oprah For President?


Shirley Whiting Allard

A woman in the White House
A most intriguing thought
To think they’d think of giving up
This most prestigious spot!

To be ruled by the wisdom of weakness
And go willingly? I think not.

The checkbook is readily rendered
The health of the children entrusted
Disputes of sibling rivalry
Are left to the weaker to fuss with.

Running the castle, maintaining the calm
Dealing with boo-boos and scraped knees and arms
Kissing and coddling to abate tears and fears
These are the laws to which woman adheres.

The deficit growing is out of our realm?
Healthcare in disaster with WHO? at the helm
With Rivalries raging our demise has begun
Might the weaker repair what the strong have undone?

"Oprah could be America's first honest president. Thanks for starting the draft movement and count me and my activist cohorts in on the campaign when she accepts the nomination."
--- Alex, Santa Barbara, CA

"I STRONGLY believe that having a caring, non-politician as President, especially a black female, would set our republic back on the right course. Just imagine how many non-voters, blacks, poor, youth, will register and vote once a real human being like Oprah seems a viable candidate? ...so I am willing to dedicate a good chunk of my time and my meager resources to accomplishing this goal." --- Joshua, Whitesboro, NY

"I would back Oprah in a minute. She uses her power and money to make a difference in the world. Even though she does not have a political background per se that is not an issue."
--- Phyllis, Damascus, MD

"There are a LOT of Americans who feel disenfranchised, ignored, and abused by the current parties. They know that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have their best interests at heart. Most people that run for office are so seeped in the "good ol' boys club" mentality that we know they'll spend their entire time in office doing nothing but giving back to the moneyed aristocrats who put them there. Many people who feel like this don't vote, thinking "why bother?" I believe that those people *would* get out the vote for Oprah Winfrey. Oprah has spent her career teaching, caring, and giving to US, the 'little people'. I know that if she runs she'll win."
--- Christina, Tacoma, WA

"I think that is a awesome ideal and all ladies of America feel the same way .It would be so powerful to watch a true leader go to work and get the job done. Men blow it for us as ladies now it's time to show who is in charge."
--- Tina, Palmdale, CA

"I can think of nothing better, than to support Oprah. There is no one, that I have seen that is a better example of a wise, honest, devoted humanitarian."
--- Debi, Seattle, WA

"I am a single mother raising a 13 year old daughter in this crazy world. I watch Oprah as often as I can but every time I watch I go away with the same thought. SHE GETS IT."
--- Frankie, Fort Lauderdale, FL

"I'm an American citizen living in Canada. I wanted to start such a website Oprah for President. But I found that one already exists..."
--- Sharon, Kitchener, ON

"I believe Oprah would be elected, and it would be a major force in improving the way cultural, and political entities treat people."
--- John, Kansas City, MO

"I want to do writing and Web related work."
--- Bryan, New York, NY

"I entered 'Oprah for President' in the address bar and found this website,I definitely agree that she is the one person who would save us from the mess that we find ourselves in. We need a leader that can speak from the heart. She asks us to help and knows what it takes to get this country/world going in the right direction. How can we convince her? Oprah/Hillary ticket?"
--- Gaye, Middleton, WI

"I will do fund raising."
--- Alexis, Lakeland, FL

"I totally think she should be your president, just wanted to say from holland!"
Janna, Rijs, The Netherlands

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