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Good News

Good News

Below are the comments from hundreds of volunteers that keep us keepin-on trying to get Oprah to experience her own personal AHA! Moment. There is another page entitled Bad News which lists the comments a much lower percentage of people who feel obliged to say otherwise. We warn you not to look at it unless you have a strong stomach! What you see on this page more than makes up for it, though. Don't you agree?

There are a LOT of Americans who feel disenfranchised, ignored, and abused by the current parties. They know that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have their best interests at heart. Most people that run for office are so seeped in the "good ol' boys club" mentality that we know they'll spend their entire time in office doing nothing but giving back to the moneyed aristocrats who put them there. Many people who feel like this don't vote, thinking "why bother?" I believe that those people *would* get out the vote for Oprah Winfrey. Oprah has spent her career teaching, caring, and giving to US, the "little people". I know that if she runs she'll win.

Christina - Tacoma, WA

I have a high regard for her talents!

Pastor - Denver, CO

I think that is an awesome ideal and all ladies of American feel the same way .It would be so powerful to watch a true leader go to work and get the job done. Men blow it for us as ladies now it's time to show who is in charge. I would love to volunteer at peace.

Tina - Palmdale, CA

I can think of nothing better, than to support Oprah. There is no one, that I have seen that is a better example of a wise, honest, devoted humanitarian.

Debi - Seattle, WA

I'm an American citizen living in Canada. I wanted to that one already exists. I would like to participate I'm not sure what is defined by research or contact work, but I would like to be involved. thanks sharon.

Sharon - Kitchener, NS

I think that she would make a good president. She puts her mind to stuff and she gets it done without a doubt she is my #1 role model and I plan on supporting her with everything she does!!

Kelley - Pinetops, NC

You make some good points about why Oprah would be a great president! Count my vote!

Yvette - Albuquerque, NM

If she is serious i will work my fingers to the bone to get her in office. it's funny I said years ago way before bush was in office that the best choice for president would be oprah for pres. and whoopee G. for vice... and that would matter as well who would vice? She is so balance I know she'd take the lead for us....

Susala - Npr, FL

i have always said that oprah would make the best president but then again i think she may have too much heart and isn't all about war but then again maybe that's what you guys need

Tamara - South Porcupine, NS

I hope this is serious...she is the only person in this country with the elements...visibility, vision and $$$...who can lead us out of this abyss. I hope you run her with Obama.

Cindi - Potomac, MD

I am volunteering to join since I do not see any woman like Oprah that is good for our US president. Hillary is one of possibilities to run the US president in 2008 too and she needs female enemy to run campaign - for example, US presidential debate etc.

Kris - Rochester, NY

I STRONGLY believe that having a caring, non-politician as President, especially a black female, would set our republic back on the right course. I am not even an Oprah fan, that is, I have only seen her show a dozen or so times, but I am EXTREMELY interested in seeing her gain some real political clout. Just imagine how many non-voters, blacks, poor, youth, will register and vote once a real human being like Oprah seems a viable candidate? This project will need to gain a lot of steam between now and 2008 for people to believe that Oprah has a shot, and if they don't think she can win, they won't vote for her... so I am willing to dedicate a good chunk of my time and my meager resources to accomplishing this goal. Let's hope some more individuals as dedicated as yourself crop up in the meantime!

Joshua W. - Whitesboro, NY

I entered "Oprah for President" in the address bar and found this website, I definitely agree that she is the one person who would save us from the mess that we find ourselves in. We need a leader that can speak from the heart. asks us to help and knows what it

Gaye R. - Middleton, WI

Please, please run. You'd be great!

Garrett - Elizabethtown, KY

I truly believe that Oprah could win the 2008 Presidential election. The people of this Country are sick and tired of electing politicians based on what they promise in their campaigns and then realizing once again that they have been lied to. Oprah's life is an open book. We know her and we love her for who she is. A person who is genuine in her beliefs and who really cares for others. I was amazed at the shows she did from New Orleans during the aftermath of Katrina. It wasn't just politics for Oprah. She really saw the suffering that was going on and she made a difference. Isn't that what this Country really need? Cynthia Fernandez

Cynthia L. - Palmetto, FL

i totally think she should be president, just wanted to say from Holland!

Janna - Rijs, NT

I think this is a great idea. And, you know what, more people would vote for her than we think.

Rhea - Alpharettta, GA

Let's make history like it's never been made before. This country needs an overhaul. Oprah is the American we need to get the job done.

Miguel Angel - Carrollton, TX

Oprah could be America's first honest president. Thanks for starting the draft movement and count me and my activist cohorts in on the campaign when she accepts the nomination.

Alex - Santa Barbara, CA

I am a social work major at Molloy College, N.Y. Oprah had always impressed me by the way she thought and wanted to help others. I agree with her values and ethics and would love to help in some way to see her enter politics and win!!!!!!! I hope she wants to run.

Marylou - Levittown, NY

I think Oprah would make a great president, the first black woman. We need an honest, kind, and intelligent person to run our country more than ever. Most politicians are so far removed from the average citizen's life, that they really can't relate, otherwise why would they vote not to raise the minimum wage? With all the wasted money and pork in our government we could probably house and feed our homeless, give our children excellent teachers and schools, give our youth low cost college education and give everyone good health care. I always wondered why our government representatives have the best health care, and we pay for it, why? If we can't have it why do we pay for theirs, after all they make more money than most and can surely pay their own premiums. I'm so disgusted with the crooks and liars whose only agenda is making themselves richer. We need Oprah as president, I know she would clean house, remove the liars and the ivies, and work for all the people of!

Darlene - Kingsville, MD

I am so sick of the people who are leading our country. We need some fresh blood in the white house. Someone who is not already affiliated with those already there. I believe you could do a better job.

Morgan - Crown City, OH

respected madam,

S - Dindigul, NS

Oprah should at the very least run for Senate! Thanks !

Tessa - Alameda, CA

WE need leader who will create a system of social and economic justice for all.

Stephanie - Camdenton, MO

Oh Oprah. She's something isn't she! She's an angel to many and if she becomes President which I believe she has all the potential to do so. She will succeed! She gives Americans hope. I think she will win and I will help out in any way I can to make that happen just tell me when and where and I'll be there! Good Luck Oprah!!!! :)

Amber - Albuquerque, NM

i would like to help in any way possible i believe oprah could change this country in a big way.

Brian - Port Huron, MI

It's time to start working!!

Sumreay - Marysville, CA

i think this is a wonderful idea and would be honored to help

Mason - Jasper, AL

I am 76 years young and this country is heading down the road of no return, unless we, the taxpayers make some drastic changes. The politicians, both sides do not have the resolve nor the backbone to do what is right for this country. The country needs an independent who will speak up for the average American. The politicians are a bunch of hypocrites who are only looking out for a few select people, mostly extremely wealthy people. This country is not the same America that I grew up in. We need some BIG changes in the country. Return America to the people that made America the number ONE country in the world. The country is sliding down hill farther every day, it has to stop NOW. Al Mellen

Al - Lincoln, DE

It is very difficult to put everything about Oprah Winfrey in words, if I choose to put it all in words, I can continue to write from now, for the next twenty years, I will never finish writing about her, talk about what she contribute to the communities, not only in Unite State, but throughout the whole World, she had done immensely the impossible. First of all, I would like to ask this questions and possibly answer the question to the best of my ability, "WHO IS OPRAH WINFREY", some people might start by talking only about her autobiography, or her accomplishment, well and good, But I will like to start my comment by saying she is an angel Created by GOD, honestly an angel in disguise, sometime I wondered, if she actually knew what she is, but I bet you, she wouldn't know, because, her quality came from GOD, and no person should ever try to question, because if you do, then GOD surely will definitely reveal HIMSELF to whomever, as it was described, she is a PHEN! rey volunteer, I will travel anywhere if required.......look f! forward t o hearing from you soon

James - Canal Winchester, OH

Oprah is a great candidate. She will represent the country well.

Stephany - Jacksonville, FL

I've felt for a long time that she should be our president of the U.S. but didn't know how to contact her to make that suggestion. I've found a couple of sites that I wanted to make the suggestion but they were filled with messages from people asking her for monetary help...which most of us "low to middle class people" could use. I didn't want my message to her go unnoticed by her on that kind of site. So glad I found this site to get the message out & try to convince her to run. I'm absolutely confident that she would win hands down!!!!

Jody - Easton, PA

I have thought about this coming to fruition for years! I simply think Oprah should run and can win in '08!

Kari - Knoxville, TN

I type 80 wpm so data entry would be easy for me, also do some database programming.

Brad - West Hollywood, CA

I think something needs to be done about our government which doesn't seem to care what the public wants only their own welfare. I think we need to get out of Iraq in a timely manner and let them take care of their country. I think big business makes too much money for the service, and prescription drugs and gasoline prices are too high. We really need to look for alternative ways of energy. I think Oprah would be a great candidate as long as she takes into consideration the things that really affect the American people.

Sue - Rising Sun, IN

Running into this site wasn't why I would promote Oprah, I was hoping someone would endorse her. Now, who didn't have her in mind, she is well read on various lives, she investigates everything she is interested in. She is a wise spender & cautious over a good bargain! I hope that everyone sees Oprah and believes in her. I do....Go for it Oprah, we need you!

Diane E - Latrobe, PA

I think Oprah would be a wonderful candidate for president. Her life experiences, ability to empathize with others and build coalitions of experts makes her supremely qualified for this thankless, yet vital, position.

Angela - Freeburg, IL

Fantastic idea!

Bruce J. - New York, NY

I think Oprah is a strong and smart women. I'd vote for her!

Evelyn - Nazareth, PA

I truly think that Oprah would make a great President.

Lauren - Baltimore, MD

I feel that she May have a Good Chance to Win. She would surely be Much BETTER CHOICE than Hilary Clinton. If Oprah

Paul - Freeport, MN

I am SO disgusted with the two major (only!) parties and their candidates. I'm a registered Independent, though I usually vote Libertarian. Oprah seems honest, kind, experienced, wise, intelligent and popular. But no matter how bad she may be, she couldn't be as evil, power-hungry and corrupt as the current national politicians. She has my vote, period. Go Oprah!

Joel - Baton Rouge, LA

Oprah has said on her television program that she is *not* interested in running for president. What chance is there that she could be persuaded to change her mind?

Liese - Providence, RI

I'm an I.T. guy...from website work to PC-network support. Anything I can do from that perspective, just let me know!

Marshall - Boydton, VA

I will be willing to help back Oprah because I had cancer when I was 4 I an 26 now and Oprah has all ways supported that area of the need of money or help and that has always blessed my heart. I feel like this I can give back to her.

Tonya - Piedmont, SC

If I see that she will consider taking on this challenge I will do more to help her reach the goal. This country needs serious change and I honestly feel that she would be the right medicine.

Mary R. - Honesdale, PA

Oprah is everything Bush is not. Bush is universally despised, he is a warmonger with no consideration for the international community, Iraq and Kyoto demonstrate this. Oprah is a caring, fair, self made woman who will win REAL allies, build bridges and offer true global leadership. Come on Oprah the world needs you.

Simon - Malaga, CA

I had not thought of Oprah until I heard it on Fox News, and it took only seconds for it to register in my mind that she would be great for our Country!

Carol - Richardson, TX

YES! I would vote for OPRAH... I'm thinking that before she would be convinced to run, that she would need to know that a knowledgeable "cabinet" of advisors would support her, so that she could function successfully right out of the gate in the political structure that exists in Washington. Who would these people be? How do we get them on board? AN ASIDE: ARNOLD should be her running mate!... OH! I KNOW! Maria Schriver would be an excellant advisor/organizer and, since she is a friend of Oprah s', the perfect supporter to convince her to run. I truly believe that a woman will save this country, and I intended to vote for Hillary, even though I'm not a democrat...Oprah, however, with the right advisors, would be the best choice in 08! AHA!

Cynthia - Rogers, AR

I would love to see her win, she do have my vote.

Lionel - New Orleans, LA

Oprah for President!

Lennard - Philadelphia, PA

Oprah for President!!!!!!

Rudolph - Philadelphia, PA

I would vote for her

J - Palmbay, FL

I am convinced Oprah can win if we can get her to agree to run. She is our only hope right now. I have already emailed her begging her to run. America needs her and she is the one who could pull our Country out of the black hole it is in now.

Glenda - Morgan Hill, CA

i also think that Oprah would be the perfect candidate and president

Tony - Charlotte, NC

please email me about any happening

Karen - Tucson, AZ

Oprah is a "breath of fresh air" in this polluted political scene we currently experience. She is all-people instead of all-political, which would be such a blessing for the President of the USA!!!!!! I believe, if people who care about Oprah and care about our country gather resources, energy, etc. this woman CAN win. She has already won the hearts of millions of Americans, as she comes into their home 5 days each week with humanity-focused programming! O=O-O what a gal!!!!!! Let us band together in purpose and prayer, and see Oprah run and win!

Rev. Charlene - St. Davids, PA

I think Oprah should definitely run for president. She would make a wonderful leader of our country.

Theresa - Highland Mills, NY

I think she CAN win .. it would be an injustice to Americans if she didn't run. President Oprah Winfrey... has a nice ring to it!!!!!

Jackie - Blaine, WA

I'm not a joiner, but I am a voter. I've been an Oprah for president advocate for years. I wasn't aware that I had company. Oprah has the skills to evaluate input from advisors and the heart to make the best decision. To progress from the "wrong side of the tracks" to the white house would complete a journey that no one has ever taken. God bless her.

Frank - Palm Bay, FL

I truly believe the world would be a better place to live . if oprah was in control. she is very loving and cares for people and there well being. and that's what it takes to make this world a better place is love's pray oprah becomes president.

Carol - Kingsport, TN

I want to do anything and everything that I can to get Oprah elected as President. I would not blame her for a minute if she did not want to run, she has given this country more than her share of her best, but that does not diminish our need for her. There is no one else even remotely like her, so it has to be her. Is she willing?

S.M. - Phoenix, AZ

I wanted Oprah for president interestingly before I saw this site and also before I realized others did too!!

Margaret - Palm Springs, CA

Go Oprah!!!! Take America back!!

Danielle A. - Kingston, NY

I LOVE Oprah!!!! She is my hero. She is so smart, she knows the people so well, and we need a president who cares about the people for once!

Keegan - Lake St. Louis, MO

I love Oprah! What she has done for us and continues to do, is she's an ANGLE!!!I would like too help anyway I can. THANK YOU OPRAH THANK YOU!!!!

Jamie - Gainesville, FL

I am an educator with a Political Science degree. I think Oprah would not only be able to win Presidency seat but would bring more people to the polls than ever before.

Alisa - Quicksburg, VA


Gina - Hanover-Newark, OH


Darrell - Long Beach, CA

I got on the Post Athenian website hoping to find information about my niece. She works for a Funeral Home, but I don't remember the name. My comments have nothing to do with Oprah Winfrey. The information I'm seeking is much more important than who runs for President next though I know it will be a major topic of conversation until someone declares their intentions. Thanks for this space.

Samye - Leander, TX

This is exciting, even if she's not open to accepting the possibility at this time.

Mary - Mason, MI

Oprah 4 Prez 2008!!!!

Michael J. - Chicago Heights, IL

I feel that she would make a good president. She is very ethical, honest, and giving. With all that she give to charity I know that she would take care of the people in her country and solely focusing on War on Terrorism.

Autumn - Pittsburgh, PA

I am a law student graduating in 2006. I actually think that she has a good chance of winning. I hope I can help in some way.

Louna - Costa Mesa, CA

I am delighted to see an alternative to someone in the mainstream political parties. Having met Jack Gargan, I have some idea of what a movement like this can do. Please don't give up!

Phyllis R. Cazares, - Tifton, GA

I think Oprah would be a wonderful candidate. Experience in politics translates to empty promises, lies, deceit and the type of politics of the men in office today are perpetrating on our society today. Oprah has the gift of being able to talk with people and I am certain that she would enjoy great success if she had the opportunity to speak with foreign leaders about differences and conflict. She would achieve a better understanding between rivals and bitter enemies. She has my vote.

Ceasar E. - Grayslake, IL

I think Oprah is a wonderful person. I also think that she could win the 2008 Election, but it may be a little to dangerous for her to run. This is still America and don't forget it.

Eddie - Jonesboro, AR

I believe this country needs a good strong intelligent caring woman to lead us. I believe Oprah has the qualities to lead us with conscience and strength. I will support and promote her run for the office of president of the United States.

Dayelynn - Milwaukee, WI

and i said to my self that will be a very good idea, because as humans no one is perfect, but who is like oprah not much people is like oprah she wealthy and she is a good person very conscious, respected and care for others, our present president don't care for others, but his self and his associates, he is confuse involved in this never ending war, hate, that's what has this world and this country so cold and bitter, i wish there was never no war anywhere and i wish people learn the true meaning of love and find GOD because GOD the almighty, the father of Jesus Christ of Nazareth is love; I like oprah cause she now the true meaning of love an she portray that positive lovely energy because of her deeds, Oprah care for the poor, the sick, the homeless, black, white, Indian, Latino, she care for every one that's why like her, and i trust her fully being the president of this country, she will know, what to do, she will be just fine, i Trust oprah like trusted bill cl!

Juan - Roosevelt, NY

I feel as if Oprah would make a great president. She is a wonderful lady with a humble spirit. The fact that she loves giving will take her farther in life or in the presidency than others choosing to run. She would be a caring president for all, not just for certain people.

Mittie - Mobile, AL

I think that you would make an awesome female president because you are well educated and admired by many. The world need a strong African American who would not only represent us but also all nationalities so I am pleased to have the privilege to be on your team. OPRAH FOR PRESIDENT!!!

Sandra - Ruston, LA

I was just wanting to say That I feel that it is great that Oprah s running for president, maybe all this war and Violence will subside if their was a woman in the White House.

Leona - Denver, CO

This is a great idea!!

Harry - Miami Beach, FL

I am willing to make any phone calls to fellow Americans, or whatever is needed to make the presidential campaign successful.

Latonya - Mobile, AL

i could not agree more with this idea, i believe that oprah would make a great president. she has touched so many peoples lives that i don't believe any one could say anything bad a bout this woman. she is truly an inspiration i would love to be a part of this. after all all the good things come from Mississippi lol

Mary Beth - Batesville, MS


Anya Laverne - Nassau, FL

I thought of Oprah for President before I heard anyone else had the same idea. I truly believe she can win.

Linda L. - Arnold, MD

I am a 33 divorced mother of 2 who has faced a lot of adversity in life. I know that women have the answers to a lot of our current and future problems due to the fact that we know and embody LOVE. It's time for us to take a stand and demand that our country and our world start treating our children with kindness, respect, and LOVE!

Kristen - Logan, UT

I feel we need someone thinking with emotions at this time. Logic is not working. A woman can look at the whole picture. Oprah seems to be able to do it in all situations...She is a must for our country....May God Bless her as she goes this route.

Brenda J. - Bangor, ME

I was originally trying to find out if this is something Oprah has given serious thought to doing. I have always felt she would be a wonderful pres., and am happy to see I'm not alone. Yes, I think she could win and though not a politician (look where they've gotten us), she is intelligent enough to surround herself with savvy, honest, experienced people, to fill in the blanks. I love the idea, but---WILL SHE RUN. Has a pretty nice life now, but I do believe she understands sacrifice and we can only hope she may sacrifice 4 years of her life to straighten out the mess that The Village Idiot (bush) and cronies have us in. Thank you. Collette

Collette - Kaysville, UT

Good Evening, I heard you on the radio this morning (WIZ - Cincinnati, OH). Oprah would be a GREAT candidate, but she has indicated that she did not want to be President. I am willing to HELP, possibly this would change her mind. Thanks, Dee Pearson

Dee - Middletown, OH

Oprah, run for president, your the only person who gives the right advice out to people who need help... without you in this world everything would change...your my idol

Leah - Lee's Summit, MO

I would like to see an intelligent woman in the white house...who has great positive influence and someone I can trust...

Karen - North Platte, NE

Sooner or later, time and again; American memories fade and the placement of our sovereign trust is victimized by an ill-informed parochial process. It isn't that "the bar is low"..."the bar" has left the building. Oprah is transcendent; she is trusted by all and deserves to be that way. She can win. Oprah for America.

Paul - Ascutney, VT

You're a sure winner in this race to be the first

Jo - Highland, CA

I think you ought to run for president in 2008. I would vote for you!!!!!

Brandon - Critz, VA

Omigoodness - I have been saying to everyone lately that Oprah should be President!! And then I found this site! YES, she can win! People love her! She's certainly vastly more qualified and attractive than either Reagan or Schwarzenegger (I repress him so can't spell his name). My only reservation is - would I wish this job on such a fabulous human?? But she could do so much of urgently needed value in our world!

Esther - Murrieta, CA

I truly believe in Oprah and her willingness to help out our country in an honest and non-self promoting way. I think she can return our country to a strong one. A country that can help the rest of the world live in peace and harmony. Oprah is compassionate and passionate in making this a better world for everyone. She definitely will have my vote.

Julie - Vernonia, OR

I am frustrated with the current state of both the Republican and Democratic parties. I believe Ms. Winfrey is a genuine, truthful, thoughtful intelligent woman who would lead this country with great compassion and dignity. Her respect for people is amazing and her strength will guide her regardless of any lack of governmental experience....which doesn't seem to be needed now anyway. I've always thought the best person for the job need not always be the most qualified...but the most willing to learn.

Cheryl - Solon, OH

I thought I was alone in thinking that Oprah would make a great president and is the ideal opportunity for significant political change. Glad to find out that my thinking was wrong. I sent her an email months ago begging her to run. "No" to Hillary. "No" to Condoleezza. No to all the establishment candidates. We need a president for all the people and Oprah has demonstrated her integrity and benevolent spirit. I will vote for her, whether she runs or not.

Linda - Santa Monica, CA

I do not necessary agree with her Bleeding Heart Liberal policies but I think her personal integrity is beyond reproach. The woman has so much money that there is just no way that she could be bought.

G.Sullivan - Cullen, LA

If Oprah read the book, "Urgent message from Mother, Gather the Women, Save the World" by Jean Shinoda Bolen, Oprah would definitely run for President! Please someone pass this book on to her...once reading it, she would become inspired to do her part. This world needs her. Sincerely, Natasha Wood

Natasha - St. Louis, MO


Debra - Jasper, AL

I have never been politically active; however, I truly believe that Oprah would be a great president. She is an extremely knowledgeable and forthright person. She is not afraid to acknowledge when a mistake has been made, she does not hesitate to ask for help, and she is extremely powerful without being overwhelming. I seriously hope that Oprah will give this serious consideration. While running for President is no walk in the park, and some people may ridicule her, I believe she could stand up to any criticism, and lead this country better than anyone else. She could lead the way for women in this country to have a voice.

Lynne - Santa Rosa, CA


Robin - Holyoke, MA


Rosa.I.Correa - Holyoke, Mass, MA

Oprah for President is a brilliant concept. A bright, compassionate innovative woman who can run a mega organization is exactly what this country needs. What a dream come true!

Susan Legrand - Mt. Horeb, WI

i am an eighth grader from Milton NH. i am doing a report on oprah Gail Winfrey, and i think she is an amazing person.. I did not know much about her when i chose her for my report... or how she got her money.. imp am so inspired by how much she contributes to our country and other countries as well... She has great morals and is not afraid to cry on national television.... She has great depth and is a very caring person.. I hope that more people can be like her... The world would be so much better off... Oprah for president... I know she would make a fine one.. She's already done more good things than our president has done for us... "President Oprah Winfrey" ha.. It kinda has a ring to it..

Courtney - Milton, NH

Is this for real?

Susan - Crawfordville, FL

you are inspiring

George - Hartford, CT

I think Oprah would make a great President, she has always been a great person. I love her in all of her movies also she is supportive of all people. I hope you run Oprah and I hope and pray you win.

Taronda - Camden, AR

I would definitely like to be involved in Oprah becoming the first female President...I think she would probably be the best asset to this country ever!

Carol - Stanton, CA

I think is about time we DON'T have a politician as president. I'm sick to death of the "leaders" we have had.

Elizabeth - Stroudsburg, PA

Let's bring honesty back to the White House/Oprah can get the job done. She can pick a handful of people she trust and work with///kick butt get things done/

Ann - Princeton, NJ

AS mentioned above, I have been thinking about the possibility of Oprah as a candidate for a while now, and thought I'd take a look online to see if any efforts were in process already. if not, I would have tried to get some mobilization going...have already forwarded this site to many people. I hope O is game...the country needs her.

Diane - Yardley, PA

I think America loves and respects Oprah so much, and she's not only very intelligent but also very beautiful, and very strong and I see her as someone who will not back down from defending every Americans rights.

Robert - Minneapolis, MN

I have long thought Oprah could break both the color and gender barriers at the very top with one fell swoop. I have no idea where she stands politically, but I believe that she honestly cares about people and that her empathy would inform all policy decisions. Unlike either Hillary or Rice, Oprah could be trusted to find diplomatic and peaceful solutions and that war would truly be a last resort.

Curtis - Grand Junction, CO

i am a total supporter of Oprah's

Alisa - Steamburg, NY

I have a background of political involvement as an officer and business agent for a 12,000 member( at one time) union.

Patti Hanlon - Stuart, FL

President think that oprah is a good persons a lot of people look up to her and also respect her for what she do and i think she would be a good president and we need a woman to represent us because bush did not do a good job.

Niaya - Pasadena, TX

I was happy to see your web site, because I was thinking, "Wouldn't it be great if Oprah ran for President." An honest person that tells the truth and understands the average American. She's a person with compassion and morals, a real American, and someone I trust.

Linda - Cherokee Village, AR

I can't even imagine this position for no other person in our lift time. I have watched oprah since I was a small girl with my mother, She was remarkable then as she is now. I remember two years ago I was in bed and feeling down because it was 4:30 in the evening on my 46th birthday and no body had called me to wish my a happy day. As I lye there with the T.V. on the Oprah Show came on, It was the day that Oprah got her ears pierced for the first time, well that day Oprah celebrated my day with me I felt as though it was meant for me to see her on this exciting day. She made my hole day special, We celebrated the day together. So yes I would just love to be watching television one day and this lady happened to flash on my screen. This one of a kind lady that just happened to be our President of the United States of America. I know that I would have to just Thank God that he has blessed our nation with her presence.

Michelle F. - Sacramento,, CA

I am 77 years young and a white man who is positive that Oprah would be a terrific president. At this time in history this country does "NOT" have any leadership. The whole world is aware of this and I am afraid that America has become the laughing stock of the whole world. The country desperately needs someone with leadership capabilities and it is pretty oblivious that Oprah has what is required. The country needs you badly Oprah. PLEASE do this for America before it is too late to save this great country. Al Mellen

Al - Lincoln, DE

i love Oprah Winfrey cuz she is very kind she help the people and i support her to be president of united state of America oprah i need ur help plzzz help me i will help u

Zianb - Arlington, VA

I always thought that Oprah would make a great candidate. I even thought about it before I found this site and I am happy that others agree with me.

Victoria - Apo Ae, MI

Save this country Oprah!

Kimberly - Matthews, NC

as a child i read a lot about our history.(different races)we are missing the bigger picture. we have lost touch with what i believe God truly wants from us as a people. we are here together forever. lets learn to love and live together. if not i fear in the near future we will all pay for forgetting this.

Rose - Queens, NY

I never knew there were more people that wanted Oprah to be president. I always thought she would be good at it.

Kyle - Rockford, MI


Elaine C.T. - Lafayette, LA

Oprah is the best possible candidate for President 2008. In one fell swoop, we get the first black, and first woman, president, a person who is twice as qualified as GW Bush in any category you could name.

Phil - Kenosha, WI

I want Oprah to run for President of the United States of America. If she were to run, I would do everything I could to make sure she got elected!!! We need you Oprah!

Leo - Seal Rock, OR


Chirron - Los Angeles, CA

It would be great to have oprah as a president. Why not?

Tshepo - Johannesburg, WY

Please, your country needs you. It is not just what you can do, which I believe it a lot, but also what others think you can do. We need something to believe it, and to gather us together as a people--not just a nation--but a world community.

Jeff - Rockford, IL

I'm a big fan of Oprah for President. Let me know how I can help. My blog is a guys view on Oprah at www.oprahguy.com and my professional website is www.timothyraines.com

Tim - Austin, TX

Although I checked the "Artwork" box. It will do a little thinking on my part before I can send you any ideas. It's early and as most people I am juggling life. I will send something as soon as I can come up with some ideas.

Eva - Antelope, CA

you forgot Unrepentant/Non-Partisan, Peace & Freedom, or Other____ as options in the party affiliation question

Daniel - Richmond, CA

i think she is able to become a president because she's a very nice person and has all the mentality the wisdom she has everything !...

Vicente - Anaheim, CA

I have said this for years. She has the intelligence, the drive, the support, the inside information at times, when it is a very critical time in life. She is admirable. just let me know further!

Barb - Milton, NY

i feel with my heart that oprah could not only run for president. but be the angel of everyone's glory.

Kathy - Springfield, MO

Oprah has all the qualities needed to lead our country in the right direction. She is honest and could certainly do a better job than anyone else has done in past years.

Vicki - Colorado Springs, CO

I will probably want to volunteer at some point but not right now.

Angela - Columbus, IN

Hopefully this help Oprah out a lot

Jasmin - Kearns, UT

I just want Oprah to know that if and when she decides to run for Office that my support is with her 100% and what ever it takes to accomplish that goal my entire support is with her no holds barred. my entire being merely because she' a no hold barred person and in my heart I believe in her totally, so help me god so what ever it takes I know she can accomplish it totally GOD Blusher and all of what she decides to do I just want her to Know that she has my support, my sprit, my service my time ,my efforts all unequivocally, just totally out of loyalty for Her and who she is, and that is a person for all people I love her for that not to mention all of her graciousness. QUIET as it's kept she's PHENOMENAL.

Jennette - Hollis Ny, NY

Oprah, PLEASE run for PRESIDENT.

Latoya R. - Baton Rouge, LA

I was so excited when i heard about this site. I am regular watcher of oprah, i even dvr her show when i can't watch. I have all the respect in the world for her

Brandon - Clearwater, FL

I would vote for her, 1 more vote in Iowa

Lisa - Wilton, IA


Lindsey - Huntington Beach, CA

I'll help to spread the word in Iowa.

Kathleen M. - Winthrop, IA

The two party system doesn't work. We need an honest, caring, strong, intelligent person to rescue America from the special interests.

Marty - Delray Beach, FL

I would vote for Oprah for president without hesitation. I've actually had several discussions with friends over the past 3 years about how we wish she would run. I believe she would be an extremely viable candidate.

Scott - Roseville, MN

we must do anything to save this country.....the politicians are NOT the answer....a business woman is the only answer

Phyllis - Jacksonville, FL

we are in Hollywood and are starting in here in true style...

Kristian - La, CA

Let's see if this works.

Dr Ricky S - Galt, CA

I would love to help in any way possible.

Chirron - Los Angeles, CA

Two years ago, I myself began thinking how great it would be if Oprah were President. Oprah inspires. Oprah has charisma. Oprah is respectable, and intelligent. Oprah represents. So I wrote a song about it.

Ric - Portland, OR

I Think Oprah would make a good president other countries have women leaders and she has lived a life as most people; I feel she is honest and would always let the public know what's going on with her politics as need be anyway men haven't done a Good job as commander of State

Karen F. - St. Paul, MN

god bless the dreams of your future! good intentions good results

Shondale - Newark, NJ

yes!!!!!!!!!!!! i made a bumper sticker in 2000 for the same cause. let me know any way i can help.

Claire - Portland, OR

I sincerely hope she will consider running. She would definitely win and our country is in trouble and needs someone like her.

Katherine - Chapel Hill, NC

I would love to tell people and ask them to vote for Oprah She has always been a person that I feel will do great things in her life. Even if she just was in the books running would be awesome.

Tina - Tehachapi, CA

I think Oprah would make a fantastic president. I have even emailed her and asked her to run. I think this nation needs a leader we can be proud of, and I think Oprah is that leader. No one else could bring the honesty, compassion, and integrity to the office that she can. OPRAH FOR PRESIDENT!!!

Saundra - Pasadena, TX

Compassionate-smart-good business sense-respected-well-known-delectable. What more is needed?

Greg - Dublin, OH

"Oprah For President" could use an automated phone service to poll people and see if Oprah has a winning chance. How about polling a population of Republicans - with the all corruption that is unveiling under the Bush Administration, let's assume there are many Republicans who no longer want to be identified with the Party.

Merica Elaine - Jonesboro, GA

Yes I would most definitely vote for Oprah for president.

Nadine - Medford, WI

I agree completely. Let's get a real, feeling ,human being into office....and a black woman. It doesn't get any better than that. A spirit filled, open minded, hard working, beautiful and giving person. Who better to represent our country?

Amy - St Cloud, FL

I believe Oprah could pull this off. We do need a woman because we have tried men and it seems they have compromised and lost their integrity. One thing I know for sure Oprah cares for people and she is diverse. We need someone to bring all people together. If anyone can do this, I know Oprah can.

Irma D. - Baltimore, MD

Go Oprah!

Christine - Houston, TX

I just thought she would be a great leader--I didn't know there was a site!

Susan - Concord, CA

Any chance she will run?

Tom - Columbia, SC

Well OF COURSE its time for Oprah to run for President! I live in California -- I have office management experience -- database management experience -- desktop publishing -- almost anything to handle a "grassroots"/local area office, let me know how I can help.

Cathy - San Francisco, CA

I think Oprah would make a good president and Condoleezza Vice President...the two on the ticket couldn't loose...the world would be a better place. Solutions & World Peace would become a reality!

Theressa - Los Angeles, CA

I had not clue that this was a possibility at all, Oprah running for President. I intend to cue many people in on this because I think it's absolutely wonderful and perfect. Just hearing that Oprah might give it a shot in politics... has given me a whole new sense of hope that I haven't had in 6+ years and I believe that there are many who would feel the same if they new this could happen. I am overjoyed and do want to be sent updates, please and thank you. Jennifer French

Jennifer - Florence, OR

I was searching for my old friend Jarrett Jakubowski and what a surprise to find him on this site. I knew he had become a conservative. The great thing is that I've felt for a long time that Oprah would bring something to the Presidency that it has never seen. Someone whose entire life has been devoted to helping enrich the lives of others. She deserves all the success she has had because she never stops giving it away. That spirit in the White House could restore our nation's image around the globe. George Bush has caused more ill will toward our country than any President in the past century. I would be honored to work for her election as a Democrat or as an Independent.

Chuck - Odessa, TX

I would be interested in putting any useful details and information that are geared for the public onto my blog.

A.B. - Missouri City, TX

I think Oprah would be just the person who could make a difference in the political field in the U.S. She is capable on sitting on all sides of the fence which is what is necessary in a President. But rarely has the happened in the past. Even with Lincoln. She also represents a vast majority of those without a voice in the present time. AND she's a woman: it's the time for the female energies to rise and balance us all! Good luck Oprah... I know you'd be AWESOME. You have the guts of a true leader.

Primrose Anne - Naperville, IL

My dearest Oprah,

Julie - Jackson, TN

I've been saying this since the year 2000. Is a very difficult job but we need someone like her to get us our pride, our trust in this great county.

Miriam - Miami, FL

she should be the next president, because she is a remarkable person. she does not know of anyone to take her place yet, so it is not time. maybe she will consider me.

Rhonda - Plano, TX

she should be the next president, because she is a remarkable person. she does not know of anyone to take her place yet, so it is not time. maybe she will consider me.

Rhonda - Plano, TX

I also believe Oprah would be our best candidate and make a wonderful president.

Steve - Ashland, OR

OPRAH for President

Helene - Highland Park, IL

I thought I had this fabulous idea for Oprah to run. I'm so excited that it's already out there. Oprah definitely would have my vote!

Linda M. - Athens, GA

I would love to see Oprah as president. She is very fair and knows what is going on around the world. Also she knows what kind of help this country needs as well. She understands this country is in danger with a lot of things in a lot of ways.

Kellie Jo - Dexter, MO

I believe Oprah will be refreshing to have as our President. Oprah is smart, influential, and honest. I believe this the right time for her to be in office and we need to do all that we can to get in her in there.

Tyra - Durham, NC

I love this idea. I only hope Oprah would take the time to do this. I am fearful what will out country will become with 4 more years of status quo. I will give you 110% plus my vote

Nicole - San Diego, CA

I feel that Oprah is an inspiration to all who come into contact with her.

Cory - Dexter, MO

Oprah's electing as president is the greatest fortune that will ever happen to America and the entire world since this country was founded. One of those hard working, honest, smart, good hearted geniuses that really make America great. Her ancestral origin, personal life experience and her sense of love, acceptance and empowerment of all humanity no matter what race, religion or class you are, are reasons this country should be proud of having her; especially in these uncertain times. Some might say she is not a politician; well, down with dirty, ignorant, selfish, war mongering, power hungry so called politicians who look, think and act like no other hypocrite two sides of the same coin but themselves. Oprah in the true sense of the word is going to re-invent the word POLITICS beyond every positive imagination in the sole interest of the emancipation of the politically disadvantaged in the name of Peace, Love and Freedom for all mankind. Thanks Oprah for having my vote before you officially declare your candidacy for your noble call.

Charlene - San Francisco, CA

I do Think The USA is in Great Need of a Woman Like Oprah why Not Please Oprah Run for President coming from this Canadian boy from Edmonton Alberta Canada should make yah Think @ least 1 and a half times :P

Clinton W J - Edmonton, CA

We need a level headed woman to get us back on track quickly.

Karin - Sun Citywest, AZ


Raja Zulkifli Bin Raja - Kuala Lumpur, NS

I will be so happy if Opera vote . I wish you good luck Opera !! Could you send me your e-mail address please ? wqe will talk more after I get your e-mail address . Thank you !!

Moses - Addis Ababa, NS

I think she can beat Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice!

Karen - Huntington Beach, CA

Hey, this is great, she should be the first lady president because when Oprah speaks everybody listens.

Bonnie - Evansville, IN

I will definitely vote for Oprah if she were to run, and if she is interested in this, I would also volunteer to help. We need her. She would win. She is a leader, and a speaker and a motivator who's life story is inspirational as well.

James - Stone Ridge, NY

Oprah will win if she runs. What a perfect time in history for a woman, black woman yet to win. I came from a bigot family out of the south but I have changed. We need Oprah to change the rest....

Steve - Fort Mohave, AZ

She would address all issues from poor to rich and from non-Anglo to Anglo.

Brad - Katy, TX

I truly and Strongly believe Oprah should be the president of our country. She is the only person I see for the job. Their is so many things that she would focus on that no other president seems to consider. Her concern for our children is enough for me but there is so much more that she is worried about that needs to be taken care of. She will have my vote over anyone anyway. Please Oprah run for President!

Casey - Manchester, MD

When I heard this particular excerpt from the book, it seemed like such an ingenious and logical solution to our political chaos. Our country truly needs an individual who cares about people who have the most pressing needs. Having watched Oprah for the past 20 years, I have concluded that she is a kind, generous, intelligent woman who would have so much to offer. Her insight into the complexities of everyday life is amazing! I would be honored to help make this a reality.

Colleen - Wenatchee, WA

I would love to see a woman as President. Oprah would be grate because she has such a big hart plus is true to her self and others. People like to know how real she is that she is just like the average person I fill that she never treys to be better then the average person.

Lisa - Mentone, CA


Karen A - Bethpage, NY

Him name is Henry Prenord, Born in Haiti(Jeremie)I just come from in my Proud country so I always hearted this name and Aim persisting to have a small space to contact this famous beautiful girl I wished whatever I will never meet this woman she become president and to touched her with my right hand and say that I love you so much baby without condition and deeply in my heart. I will available to do my help with my all strong to contact Haitian people living in use to vote 100/100 Oprah for 2008

Henry - Brooklyn, NY

Oprah has said time and time again that she will NEVER EVER run for presidency, but I figure that if ya'll really want her to run, try appealing more to Gayle now. If you can't get thru the front door, try the side door. No one ever remembers to lock it.

Teinisha - Saint Louis, MO

I think Oprah would make a fabulous President, and I would vote for her with no question! Has she said she WOULD run? The last I heard, she said no. It would be wonderful to see her in the White House.

Tami - Kansas City, KS

What are the chances of getting her to run? Me thinks winning might be relatively easy......

Mike - Brooksville, FL

I'm bilingual (English Spanish) and I would love to offer myself to help promote Oprah with the Latino community in any possible way, specially in South Florida, where I reside. For example, I could translate and forward e-mails to reach the huge Spanish speaking population, help reaching them on the phone, by regular mail, etc. I'm also open to suggestions...

Giselle A. - Lake Worth, FL

I truly think Oprah would be a great president.

Eva - Browmsmills, NJ

i hope Oprah will win

Dung - Reseda, CA

I've always thought Oprah would make an incredible president, however, she has always disavowed any interest in running - if she does decide to run - she will have my vote of course and I will be happy to help.

Laurel - Simi Valley, CA

i believe oprah would be the greatest for president. fair and a great speaker to all

Nina - Claremont, NH

Oprah for President!!!!!!

Michael - Wallingford, CT

Thanks, does OPRA know about this effort?

Hari - Oakland, CA

Vote for Oprah from Serbia.

Dragon - Sombor Serbia Europe, NS

See her as a viable choice for Trust and Compassion, to bring Honor back to the American People!

Steven - Washington, DC

THANK Goddess someone is trying to foment this effort. I think if she's willing Oprah might just be the thing to pull our forsaken country out of the rat hole its fallen into.

Ruth - Durham, NC

Oprah you'd be great, I haven't voted for 12 years and didn't intend to again but for you I would. Please your what we need.

Brill - Ogden, UT

I have thought of this in the past... why doesn't Oprah run? We NEED her!!! We need a president we can believe in! I trust Oprah!

Sally - Shelter Island, NY

Yeah! Oprah for president!!

Lars - Concord, NH

I love Oprah!!

Wayne - North Vernon, IN


Henry - Butner, NC

I'm voting for Oprah. I will write her name in if necessary.

Andrea - Sanford, FL

Think it is worth a try to get Oprah to run.

Mickey De - Franconia, NH

Would be happy to help out in any way. Go Oprah!

Alan - Owensboro, KY

I think we definitely need a woman in office, I think she would be a good choice.

Korenda - Prescott, AZ

Hi Patrick -

Myles - New York, CA

I'm ready to do whatever it takes for CHANGE.

Grover - Viola, DE

I would vote for Oprah for president you have my support

Lura - Columbus, OH

I'm a big fan of Rick Santorum here in Pennsylvania. I could easily see a Winfrey/Santorum ticket to cover more demographics!

Jason - Shippensburg, PA

I think that America is in grave danger and we are in desperate need of a candidate who is respected throughout the world. A humanitarian who is also able to get the job done. An individual who will not play to religion or polarize the nation. Oprah Winfrey is that person.

Barry - Washington, DC

If Oprah were to run for President. I along with my family would support this movement!

Marlinda - Norwalk, CO

Oprah works consistently to change our world for the better. As president, she could do so as few others possibly could. Thank you, for organizing!

Julia - Hawi, HI

I currently do not have an email address. Please call me at the number above and tell me how I can become more involved.

Julian - Anderson, SC

As you said, all of us in Minnesota have shown that the two party offerings can be beaten and it would be great if the same message could be sent to the top via your great efforts. Thank you for trying & I hope succeeding.

Peter L. - Red Wing, MN

i would love to work for this cause!

Tim - Oak Lawn, IL

When I select media, I am doing so because I have a large fan base, as I am an underground rapper, my fan base extends throughout this country, and far beyond its borders into distant countries, and would like to do all I can to further this effort, although I don't truly believe Oprah will make what is only HER choice to run, I am here, because I would support her if she did.

Brad "b-Leave" - Third Lake, IL

I just want you to know I like your initiative, even though it's very clear Oprah DOES NOT WANT to be president. I think she should, but we all must respect her choice.

C. - Holland, NS

I just would support any 'real' citizen actually being put in office. I think in history there will be some people who a country or the world would focus on for leadership.

Ryan - Edmonton, AK

I am very excited that Oprah is running for president. You have my support.

Heidi - Miami, FL

I believe this is a fabulous idea!! We need someone who truly cares about people and not image in the office of president.

Kenya - Chapel Hill, NC

I think this is an awesome idea, we NEED someone we can count on and really cares about AMERICA and our allies.

Troy - West Bend, IA


Dea - Indianapolis, IN

You have my Vote. I am tired of Politics and lobbyists. Good can conquer over Evil and Oprah is just the person who can do it.

Joe - New Hyde Park, NY

I think it is a wonderful idea. She will make a great president. I suggest Hilary as a running mate

Richard - North Miami, FL

Damn good idea, damn good!!!

John - Largo, MD

I love Oprah and will support her in whatever cause she has to help people.

Reenua - Columbia, MO

If you guys know why Oprah does not want to run, can you please post that info. (if you haven't already)I am curious as to why she doesn't want to run. Is it fear of an assassination? It will be a beautiful day on Earth when not only a black person, but a woman can run for president without fear of an assassination. Thank you for your website...I am glad to know I am not the only person who is passionate about Oprah running for president!

Kara - North Miami Beach, FL

My local writers/poets group posed the question for ourselves: Who could best take a moral and politically neutral stand on ending the Iraq war (as Cronkite did in the Vietnam era)with the most powerful effect to impel a shift in our national priorities? Our answer was "Oprah." We have independently started a letter-writing campaign to Oprah on this basis. We will now include your website in the materials we hand out to individuals and organizations here in Palm Beach County, Florida. We believe that your national project and our small local project, though aimed at slightly different results, are absolutely complementary.

Bob - West Palm Beach, FL

I think this is a great idea. Having Oprah run for president is a whole new side of the political world. As a political science major at my College, I have studied about how politics and government work. I would love to see what someone like Oprah could do to change this world. I think she is a great example and someone I could trust. I know she would be great at it because she would focus on important issues that is going on in our country; like starvation and poverty. The lack of insufficient funds for college students who would like to have a better education is something i know she would care for. Besides focusing on the more important things I know she won't waist time trying to fix the impossible things that we can not change! We can not make every country like us. Trying to force other countries to fear us and do what we please, is something I know Oprah would not do. I would love to meet her one day; she is just an inspiration. I've learned to love her. :O!

Sarah De - Port Saint Lucie, FL

I think Oprah have a huge affect on not only the people of America, but the people of the world.

Kelly - Warrenton, VA

It's a small matter, but I'd change the photograph of Oprah to a more current one, one that reflects her maturity.

Neil - San Francisco, CA

We the African American Church community in Pa. is ready!

Rev. Bro. C. Hamilton - Philadelphia, PA

I am a huge fan of Oprah and think that she is the most wonderful and generous person that has ever been in the spotlight. Oprah would make a fantastic Ambassador and role model for world peace and harmony. I believe that her honesty and charm would make not only the United States a better country but the entire world.

Tom - Omaha, NE

wonderful! I support you!

Peter Van - El Paso, TX

I feel that Oprah would be the best candidate for president, because she seem to respect people from all walks of life. She seems to have a genuine interest in helping people help themselves.

Melissa A. - Bakersfield, CA

I would gladly be the first in line to vote for Oprah for president. I would vote for almost any woman for president. In other countries their are woman that run the country for years. This country would be a lot better off with a woman point of view.

Daryl - Elora, TN


Nathaniel - West Hollywood, CA

Oprah would make a GREAT President. She has my vote! I agree with you in all of the reasons she is the RIGHT person for the job. Please Oprah save our country!!!!!

Cheryl - Lake City, FL


Kelly - Southgate, MI

A great idea, we need an intelligent and

Dennis - Miami, FL

I think with her common sense she would do well. But she is the one who has to want to do it.

Letha - Grand Island, NE

Let's Do it!!

Cardella - Washington, DC

I would love to see Ms. Winfrey as President

Michele - Stuart, FL

I'll vote for Oprah! Keep up the good work.

David - Minnetonka, MN

I didn't think I would find anything since she never announced that she was running, but I would support her all the way!!

Misty - Huntsville, AL

Oprah, you have the experience and integrity to do what the country and the world needs. I can't think of anyone else who has that ability.

Ann - Murphys, CA

It's about time we had a woman president.

Anita - Greenfield, MA

I want to talk to oprah if possible because I am refugee with my family we all were 07 people but how the irc receive and treated me and my family is very bad so I want help

Kokou - Boise, ID

i hope she win

Romel - Gary, IN


Ann - Lynwood, IL

I don't have time to help out at this point but you can count on my vote if she really runs

Lynette - Plymouth, IN

I don't have time to help out at this point but you can count on my vote if she really runs

Lynette - Plymouth, IN

Oprah S.O.S.!!!!

Jodi - Burbank, CA

Oprah would make the world a better place..

Vikki - Phillips, WI

I believe if Arnold S. can be and is a Very Governor. Then I believe that Oprah can and will be a very Good President

Chester - Middletown, CT

I want to add my name to those that would encourage her to run. Please run.

Pamela - Redding, CA

Oprah will win if she decides to run! I'm positive about it and give her my full support!

Lorena - Rio Rico, AZ

Please run. You could be the first African American and woman to win and we need you!

Aram - Oakland, CA

I believe in Oprah, she has the ability to confer peace, she is reasonable, rationable, and a genuine caring human being. I would vote for Oprah as our president of the United States of America.

Deborah - Loomis, CA

I have long felt that Oprah would make a wonderful president and the U.S.A. would NOT be at war. Ever. Too bad she's not willing to run, she'd win hands down.

Jill - Salt Lake City, UT

I thought she should run years ago! She's awesome!

Melissa - Dayton, OH

OPRAH FOR PRES 08. I'm in. Oprah has such an audience and being from CA where Arnold got himself elected...with his OWN money. Oprah could do the same. Let's keep it simple.....anyone could be better than BUSH, but Oprah would literally blow it outta 'da park!! Keep up the good work.

Suzy - Hughson, CA

I was surprised beyond belief when I saw this site.. When I was back home in ND this last summer, I told my parents that I thought that Oprah should be President. I am reassured to know that someone else has realized and recognized a quality and qualified person such as Oprah for the President of the United States. Currently there is not one person on the ballot that I would consider going across the street and voting for.. Without any doubt I would support Oprah if she would run for President of the United States of America.

Steve - Arcadia, CA

change is a good thing...we need it now & this could be it?

Frederick C - Newport, RI

go oprah

Jaime - Houston, TX

I would vote for Oprah , I want her to run she would be awesome.

Dan - Colchester, CT


Rose - Florissant, MO

Would absolutely vote for Oprah, and so would millions of others.

Patricia - Austin, TX

Great idea! Keep it going!!!

Mary - Sacramento, CA

What are you people thinking ? Are you thinking? if you think she is someone to make it to office then you need to see her show, 1. she asks people to come on her show then she talks for them .

Julie - Springgrove, MN

I just think It would take a strong black woman to get us out the mess bush created.

Jhb - B, MI

I will not vote or recommend Oprah for any political office.

David - St. Paul, MN

I think Oprah Winfrey is an outstanding idea...too bad she didn't think of it herself! I haven't been excited by a presidential hopeful for many years. If Oprah were to run for office, I would be much more than merely excited. I would be ecstatic. Perhaps if more people would jump on this bandwagon, Oprah would consider it. Surely she has had at least a fleeting thought of what it would be like to run the country and if she's like most well-educated women then surely she must realize she could definitely do the job way better than what we have seen of late. Besides, who doesn't love Oprah? She is everything we have been missing in our government and just the mention of her as the leader of the free world is downright inspirational. Unfortunately she has achieved so much and has so much on her plate with this empire she has created that I can understand it would be difficult to walk away for a few years, but Oprah...your country needs you!

M A - Conway, AR

I believe Oprah would make a wonderful president. She has good business sense and is very open minded, but not scared to speak her mind.

Cathlene - Marlin, TX

Yes, I believe that she would be the perfect candidate, because the people response to her.

Craig L. - Austin, TX


Susan - Littleton, CO

I agree that Oprah is the only person who can get our country back. We are losing it to prescription drug companies, FDA, rich people, and also losing it to the poor who are subsidized by the middle class and are heading to the poor house too. We are losing money in schools because we can't keep up hiring new teachers for all the illegal aliens in our country. Oprah sees the big picture. She is already set for life with money and can't be bought by big business. Please Oprah, consider running for President. You would give this country back the dream by which it was founded.

Teri - Gresham, OR

I would vote for Oprah even IF bush was a great president. I firmly believe she can and would do better than most who run for president.

Marlisa - Sacramento, CA

This is an awesome idea you guys! I wish we could get her to really run!

Matt - Clinton, MS

I think Oprah would make a great president, and that her values and true concern for all people would change the face of government as we know it.

Connie - Buffalo, NY

i have been thinking this for a long time. Oprah has the stature and intelligence and femininity to make a great president and renew the world's faith in our country. VP Angeline Jolie, Secretary of state George Clooney, Secretary of defense, Jane Fonda, Secretary of the interior, Lauren Hutton, Press secretary, Selma Hayek etc. These people will make the news the most popular show on TV and educate this nation.

Garth - Encinitas, CA


Kathleen - Clarkston, WA

I would definitely vote for Oprah!!!

Jeannette - Peoria, AZ

I think she carries with her a lot of power and respect.

Barbara - Hollywood, FL

We need a change and I really think she could win and do a great job.

Joe - Havertown, PA

I wrote Oprah several times urging her to run for President. She surely can do a better job than what we now have running the country.

Vonda - Indianapolis, IN

Should would make a wonderful President and get this country straightened out.

Richelle - Scott City, KS

I would defiantly vote for Oprah. She is the most charming down to earth person on TV. I take her word as the gospel. I will give you an instance on how she changed my life for the better. My ex-husband says she was the cause of our divorce. She wasn't, he was, because of his abuse. Listening to her and taking her advice on her show gave me strength and courage. She also gave me the dignity and self-respect I needed to leave the relationship. I am now years later a much better person because of her and her show. I really wish she would run for president because she would have 1 vote here in Savannah Ga. Thanks Oprah for all you do!

Kim - Garden City, GA

I would vote for oprah

Monica - Augusta, GA

She would be great. It would be nice to have a woman, a black, and a gay all in one shot.

Michael - Fort Lauderdale, FL

i would love to vote for oprah shes my hero!!!!!!!!

Noor - Newyork, NY

I think Oprah would make a great president!!!

Kimberly - Huntsville, AL

Excellent idea! she is just great human being.

Thamara - Plantation, FL

I have repeatedly voted for Oprah for president since I turned 18!

Bretton - Ocala, FL

I am a white woman who is sick of politics as usual. I think Oprah is passionate, wise, spiritual without being overbearing and would consider the world as one while trying to bring peace to all. She would have my vote. I know she has no ambitions towards this end, but she would be refreshing and honest. Go Oprah!!! Do it and make the world even better than you already have done.

Cynthia - Ponte Vera, FL

I'm from Canada, but the guy you have in there now, Mr. Bush, is a complete retard. He can't lead, he lies, he's a joke of a president. How can someone, who believes so much in God, go and start a war, kill innocent people, etc. He's a hypocrite to the fullest extent and I feel sorry for the Americans.

Dwayne - Calgary, AL

Oprah is an ideal candidate!

Timothy - Washington, DC

It is time for reform and Oprah can lead this! She's a well known and trusted personality and this could be the opportunity we've been waiting for!! Please tell me what I can do to help!

Brian - Portland, OR

isn't it nauseating that on the aol poll mayor giuliani gets 47% of the vote and oprah 16%---why don't people recognize all the incredible good she does ???

Bill - Norcross, GA

I wrote to Oprah about a year ago urging her to run for President. She would make a great leader of this country....and we desperately need her at the helm. Lobbyist wouldn't buy her....not in a heart beat!

Sharon - Homer Glen, IL

While I think Oprah couldn't be any worse than the asshole that's NOW our president, we all know that she'll never run but what the heck, if we don't try, we won't know.

Marie - Brighton, MA

I have thought that Oprah would be a fabulous president for many years-thanks for getting things started!!

Rebecca - Omaha, NE

I am sick of the corruption that has gone on probably dating back to Lincoln. My concern is I don't see how it is possible for anyone entering the political arena, to remain honest..........Is it possible? Lord knows this administration is anything but, nor do they have the good of the people in their hearts and minds. The fact and I do say fact, as I work alongside of these employees every week, is how can such large companies such as Procter & Gamble, Kraft, Nestles, etc., get away with paying their stockers 25 cents a case. They forget without these people their products would not get on the shelves in the first place. I find this totally outrageous in our country at this date and age! These people pay more in gas to get to work than they make some days! And they are not illegal aliens !

Linda L. - Sacramento, CA

I am hoping that Oprah will run for president. I believe with all my heart that she is the best woman for the job.

Laverne - Houston, TX

We need Oprah in office. She would change the way things get done!

Tara - Selelrsville, PA

I sent Oprah an email 3 years ago asking her to run. She is the only viable third party candidate I can think of. She will hold people accountable, has the business savvy to fix our economy, has the trust of millions, and a heart as big as Texas. She is intelligent, kind, diplomatic, resourceful, and honest. She is exactly what I feel our country needs to come out of the mess we're in. Maybe most importantly, she will LISTEN to us!

Rhoda - Irving, TX

I am interested in doing whatever it takes to get Oprah in office for 2008

Latoya - Antioch, CA

Hey, I want a t-shirt but need a 2 or 3X. Black folk need bigger sizes.

Sam - Tacoma, WA

I hope Oprah will consider any part of government. She is an amazing woman with intellect, compassion, and the support of millions of people world wide.

Jennifer - Punta Gorda, FL


Loretta - South Lyon, MI

Democracy allows us to choose who we support for office. I hope Oprah can understand this.. instead of suing the owner of this webpage. She should appreciate the support and RUN FOR PRESIDENT!

Evelyn - Brooklyn, NY

oprah 4 pres!!

Emmert - Sacramento, CA

If she runs, she has my vote!!!!!!!!!

Larry - Youngstown, OH


Gigi - Tampa, FL

i think that oprah would be a good president of the united states. no i think she would be the best president since Clinton.

Latoya - New Orleans, LA

Why not oprah, nothing else is working at the moment. the other 2 Hillary and who??? are to political.......we need more love compassion & a reason to live....oprah has a strong influence on the world. not Hillary, Hillary who???? I think oprah would work out just fine,...hell black female real who could ask for more.......oprah for president.....

Dolby - Thousand Oaks, CA

I understand that Oprah does not want this site and position, so I am a bit ashamed that I use this site in spite of her objections. I live in The Netherlands in Europe, and admire her personality and would love it to see her as president. I am very concerned about American politics and the power America has in this world. But I also understand that the profession of president of the US is not a desirable and attractive for Oprah. But I have hope that she might change her mind, if she finds out how many people want her for this job. Even in Europe, we think the world would become a better place if Oprah had the power in her hands. It would make a big difference in the future and history of our world.

Driessen, - Westernieland, AK

For once in my life I totally agree with something political, I don't think that there could possibly be a better choice. This is the best thing that the WORLD could ask for. I have become so disgruntled with politics, that I have given up. Please count me in. ET

Elliott Thayer - Fountain, FL

I would vote for Oprah in a heart beat. If people elected Jessie Ventura, I'm sure they will elect Oprah. I believe she would be a better President than George Bush.

Betty - Albany, GA

But for the most part I've been watching Oprah for years and saying the same thing. the thought being is she was sent here for a reason, and its perfectly clear what her capabilities are. Just think someone with her inner power to reason and relate could&would help change the global political arena toward peace and equality for all generations in the future. People of the united States Wake-Up before its to late....and get serious. time is not on our side. I hope Oprah will read this also..

David T. - Independence, MO

I would absolutely and without hesitation vote for Oprah, simply because she is a popular double minority, she's very smart plus people have respect for her and she has a huge influence on her followers. Also I feel that she is a much better and more accurate representation of out great nation. I feel that the white male does not represent our nation as accurately anymore. I truly hope that we are able to convince her to run. Thank you.

Veronica - Lemoore, CA

I love her!

Magali - Atlanta, GA

This is a good thing, But how do we convince Oprah.

Carole V - Fort Gaines, GA

agree with all you said but people who are all that do not run for public office

Betty - Greenville, SC

Keep up the good work!

Amber - Oklahoma City, OK

I do believe that Oprah would be a good choice for President. As a white male I have watched her for years and seen what she has done to help make a change, and change in Washington is exactly what we need. We have to be tired of the Politics we have been living with for way too long, and don't get me started on the Bush Presidency, there is not enough space here, so I will only say, "OUTRAGEOUS"

Wayne - Philadelphia, MS

Great idea! Let's get this going!

Gari - Miami, FL

RUN,OPRAH,RUN! We need you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April - Mount Ulla, NC

Very interested in upstart politics! Love Oprah! Sign me up!

Stephen - Bloomington, IL

I've been saying for years that Oprah has the credibility and team already serving her that demonstrates her ability to delegate. After all, does anyone think George W. Bush is making every decision and running this country alone. The number of people who would step up to assist her in her mission, strategy and action plan would be enormous. White men have done enough to ruin our culture, our country and our world. It's insanity to keep electing the same men with the same focus and expect something different and I'm Anglo myself! Oprah, you've been able to do so many important things for so many people, please, please, see that God has given you these talents to do these great things for our country!!

Sharron - Seal Beach, CA

I can't think of anyone I'd like to vote for more than Oprah! How many years to I have to keep voting for the "lesser of two evils". It would be nice, for a change, to vote for someone I have some faith in!

Clorinda V. - Vacaville, CA

I think, Ms. Winfrey would make an EXCELLENT choice for president!!!!Intellegence, warm, caring heart, passionate about her causes, and she get's thing's done! If she make's a promise, she come's through. She`s honest, will not lie, say's what`s on her mind. Always thinking of other's first. What present day male political figure, can we say that about today?? OPRAH FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!

Paula A - Pompano Beach, FL

I think what you are doing is wonderful. It's about time the people choose someone to run our country that we know will not sell us out.

Dwayne - Royal Oak, MI

I am a single mother with two boys and want them to have a future. I struggle to survive. I am ill and cant afford insurance for myself but I make sure my kids have good medical coverage. Maybe she can help out our middle and lower class people out with medical insurance issues. MATT BLUNT I pray never runs for President he has messed up Missouri enough LORD knows we do not want him to run our country. So far all our Presidents have shown my boys its ok to kill out soldiers over our Presidents not doing their jobs right to begin with. VOTE Oprah and we may have a future for our kids.

Shanna - Liberty, MO

i will contribute...where is the next meeting

Robert - Bradenton, FL

I agree with this entire website. The only problem is that Oprah herself does not intend to run for ANY public office EVER ! But I do admire the goal. Just in case she does one day change her mind (stranger things have happened) you can count me in for any & all areas of need. Thanks for the opportunity to help make this world a much better place for all of us to live in.

Juanita - Corona, CA

i think there is no better choice

Catherine - Victor, MT

She is a lady with big heart, that what the world need now. In CARE international they wrote that powernews has a woman face, and a lady oprah can change that face. All her programmers are about peace, love, helping powers, and god knows how many more she can change the world. She is my Idol. She is a good represantative may god help Oprah. the world will be a better place to dance.

Jessica - Oslo, DC


Aljosja Van Der - Leeuwarden, AK

Oprah, I support you whether or not you choose to run or not. If you decide to run, I personally will be overjoyed and my family will do all we can to cheer you on!

Dawn - Fort Hood, TX

God only knows it would be very hard to do a worse job than Bush has. However, considering the General Public was blind enough to vote HIM in not once but Twice - obviously their requirements are different from those who want to keep our jobs and have no wish to be the most hated/feared/reviled/laughed at country in the world.

Jo-Ann - , PA

I fully support your effort

Aj - Dallastown, PA

Sounds like she doesn't want to run, but I sure wish she would change her mind. She has more "balls" than Bush would ever think of having!

Kathi - Munising, MI

If she gets on the ballot she will definitely have my vote. We need somebody in the White house that has a heart and will lead this country correctly.

Rebecca - Snellville, GA

I have been driving around with a homemade "Oprah for President" in my cars back window for years and years. I gather that she doesn't want to enter politics and that's alright. She already does a lot to make peoples lives better. At the moment my sign is down due to having a Duval Patrick sign up for governor of Mass.

Canary - S, Wellfleet, MA

I am very happy to see her to run the president in 2008. My friends and I talked who will running the president for first any races (not white race), and a woman long time ago. I thought it was Clinton's wife but Oprah. I really wish her very best luck. I voted for her. I am telling my friends about her. I am also deaf by birth.

Gonji - Broomfield, CO

It is a brilliant concept. Please do Oprah, please.

Starlishia - Detroit, MI

This is so very awesome...I pray she is president. And I can not wait for you to allow me to help in anyway I can.

Michelle - Spring Grove, PA

Oprah for President ,, For Real ...

Wayne - Watts, OK

Nothing can be as bad as the USA government are at the moment, the whole world are against USA at the moment, it have too change, so why not go for the best.. Go oprah

Ola - Arendal, DC

Oprah would make a fantastic President! She has made an enormous impact on people from all walks of life. She is truly a leader; she not only talks the talk, she walks the walk. I believe she embodies what it really means to be American.

Susan - Golden Valley, MN

Hi. :) I love Oprah.

Jacob - Eagan, MN

We have known Oprah since she was the Weather Girl on WBAL in Baltimore in 1977. Since she seems to be the only one of a few who grasps the problems from Katrina, I think she'd make a fine President!

Sharyn - Bradenton, FL

I am a website developer - let me know if I can help you get a better website up.

Amanda - New York, NY

Oprah is a strong woman who makes positive things happen. She is a great communicator, and would turn things around!

Carol - Dallas, TX

I think she would a blessing as a Leader to our country. We need someone this free thinking and open minded in a government position....for once!

Ed - Atlanta, GA

While I fully understand, respect and appreciate the zeal in wanting Opera to run for political office president, I must explain why she should not!

Joe - Wilmington, DE

I think Oprah would make a great down-to-earth president...I would vote for her

Tammy - Clinton Twp., MI

Oprah for President for sure!!!!

Kelly - Wilton, ME

If we could really talk her into it, she would be the greatest President - ever!

Sharon - Birmingham, AL

I hope Oprah will consider becoming president I think our country will be a lot better if she would. She is an awesome woman and I look up to her and hope that she will be considering it. She would be the most loved president since Kennedy and Reagan. She is a great inspiration to us all.

Lenore - Columbus, MS


Jj - Corpus Christi, TX

If she wont run , we should all just write her in :-) She is a powerful woman, I think she will do a wonderful job.

David - Columbus, MS

yea, I'll write something on my dollar bill about Oprah for president. it want be nice, dude

George - , NH

There hasn't been a candidate I liked in a long, long time. Oprah would be the big exception to that.

Darlene - Klamath Falls, OR

This country is going down hill fast and we need a women to put it back together. OPRAH is the ONLY female that can do it. YYYYAAAA Also the only honest person.

J.R. - Horseshoe Bend, AR

I believe we could use someone that is not so much a politician but more in to the issues facing this country.

Ray - York, PA

Just saying here that I would vote for her.

Gege - Wichita, KS

I strongly agree that Oprah is a candidate for a successful President. She would make a great contribution to America if she would become the first woman and African American to hold such an honored position.

Valerie A. - East Orange, NJ

It's time for America to take a look at a new direction. Oprah is a woman with a heart. She is a true humanitarian, Philanthropist, and spiritual too. Her nature will make her to be an excellent president.

Ikome - Bellaire, TX


Roman - New York, NY

It's time for America to take a look at a new direction. Oprah is a woman with heart. She is a true humanitarian, Philanthropist, and spiritual too. Her nature will make her to be an excellent president.

Ikome - Bellaire, TX

just go for it Oprah, the world needs you!!!!!!!

Susan - Escondido, CA

Absolutely the best possible candidate!

Philip L. - Monroe Township, NJ

she'd have my vote in the blink of an eye.

D - Hollister, CA

think she would make a great president, she cares, and can make a difference in this world you go girl!!!

Lorraine - Jacksonville, FL

Hey Brother Crowe,

Nod - New York, NY

I hope she does run. She would be just great to get us back on line

Charles - Huston, TX

Well i think it would be nice if she can be a president well let also look at Hillary Clinton who is also running for the site of presidency

Coby - Buffalo, NY

I think it's a great idea!! Let's face it - we really don't have a choice anymore - the Democrats and Republicans are no different from each other - look how they shut out Ralph Nader during the last election. We need change and we need it now!! We need someone like Oprah who is smart, tough and can't be bought - this county is in serious trouble and if reform doesn't take place I don't think the future looks very bright!

Maureen - Berwyn, IL

she cant do any worse that's for sure. At least she takes full responsibility for her actions. like when she is right and wrong

April - Ferrisburg, VT

Although, I think this is a great idea, I do fear for Oprah. American politics is a dirty game plagued with unscrupulous people. I'm not sure I would like to subject one of the greatest persons or our era to that kind of environment.

Macklin - Darien, CT


Chrissy - Bronx, NY

this has been the best suggestion for a candidate yet!!!! Who knows more about the people than Oprah!! She is honest, giving, caring, intelligent what more can I say.... I hope this catches on to everyone! Count me in...move over Hillary!! Go Oprah!!!!

Donna - Casselberry, FL

I think it's past due for an actual person to be president, not someone who was manicured into it, and only uses the job to please whoever pays the most. I don't watch the show, but I do know that Oprah is a real person, very generous, and standing on an empire that she built from scratch. She knows first hand who needs help, and what kinds of things need to be done. I also believe that she would actually listen to the citizens, instead of using her position to employ a type of dictatorship, as we have seen in the past 6 years.
I would like to do what I can to help, although I would prefer to remain behind the scenes, as I do not have the gift of tongue. I can't for the life of me talk a person into accepting a million dollars, much less vote for someone. I can write, come up with slogans, advertising, that kind of thing. Let me know what I can do. I am a college student, so I have access to a vast resource of potential voters.

Chileen - Columbia, SC

I've wanted to see Oprah in office before I was old enough to vote. Bring it on! I stand behind this 100%

Jolene - Saint Petersburg, FL

I also think that Oprah would make a great president...much better than some we have had. I would vote and campaign for her along with most of my family.

John - Jasper, AR

I too feel Oprah would be an ideal candidate for president, she had the genuine understanding of the human spirit.

Patricia - Mesa, AZ


Brittany - Sulphur, LA

I support Oprah for President!!!!!!!!

Iyabo - Columbus, OH

I hope that Oprah runs for President she is a person that really cares for our country. She definitely has my vote!

Suzette - Kissimmee, FL

I LOVE Oprah! I have often wondered what the country could be like having someone WONDERFUL as president. We sure need a change!!

Patty - New Britain, CT

I've done a lot of movies as an actor. Would be happy to help out

Shawna - Los Angeles, CA

I wish that you would run for president or at least vice president with Hilary Clinton :) you would get my vote- plus I know a lot of others who would vote for you.

Sascha - Corona, CA

Oprah would be great. I will support her if she wants to run.

Jim - Bartlett, TN

My 5 family members and I will vote for Oprah if she chooses to run!

Ehinken - Lawrence, NY

Great efforts!

Deneen - Little Rock, AR

I think Oprah WOULD make an excellent president. I am a registered Republican voter from California and I'd vote for her, regardless of her party affiliation/platform. History shows a lack of correlation between platform and performance. The key qualifications are character, and diplomacy. Her career in the entertainment industry has shown her diplomatic skills, and her works speak of her character. One of our finest presidents (and most effective), Ronald Reagan, is a fine example of entertainer turned President.

Amy - La Quinta, CA


Brian - The Colony, TX

I think we need a woman President and I think that Oprah would make a good one

Emma - Harrington, DE

If not President try Sec. of State. Or Ambass to the U.N.

Jacques - Houston, TX

I'm a 22 year old guy who lives in Richmond, VA and I would vote for Oprah for sure.

Jan-Michael - Richmond, VA

She's a very special lady that has reached out to millions of people. She's very blessed and can get through to many people.

Eric - Spokane, WA

oprah will be a wonderful president. The republicans will find get quite the lesson on basic humanity taught by America's most intelligent and well rounded woman

Marion - Great Neck, NY

If you ran for president, this country would be under a an amazing influence and great structure. We would love to have you take your place.

Monique - Gainesville, GA

Wouldn't it be great if it recall happened?!!!

Micki - Santa Clarita, CA

I'm crazy about the candidacy of Oprah. I love her too much.

Nicolas - Miami, FL

While I am sure many of my friends will look at me with cross eyes, I cannot think of a more revered American who can mobilize the masses. As a retired US Army Master Sergeant I can recognize and respect a good leader! Oprah is without a doubt a most compassionate American who loves her people and wouldn't sell out to the corporate structure or to any particular interest groups. She knows the poor, she knows the rich, and she knows what's "right" and wrong! We need a pause in America to take stock of who we are and what we need to do in this world. We need determine who is evil in the world and who just disagrees with us. I would pledge to help any grassroots recruiting and would feel honored to assist in any way. I know my wife would help also.

Fred - Indianapolis, IN

This country needs a major change! Our leaders are no longer able to think beyond their political ambitions and do not have the USA's best interest even close to mind. Our existing politicians are content only when they can spend enough money to ensure that taxes will continue to rise. Oprah will command my (our) vote. She is a fresh breath of air!! John and Jane Moxford

John - Brigantine, NJ

I really think she would do fantastic.

Monica - Tucson, AZ

I'll vote for her and know many others who would also!

Gary - Cottonwood, AZ

Hello are you the

Melvin - Carl Junction, MO


Sarah - Hutchinson, KS

Again, I do NOT think we will have a viable choice for our US President the next time around. I believe the office was stolen and manipulated the last two Presidential elections. On the "Red" side, we may have C. Rice and M. Romney. They've both done a crappy job in their present positions, I believe. On the "Blue" side, maybe Obama and H. Clinton. I don't know either of them enough to comment. However, I do see both of them, in their respective states, following up with issues... i.e. NOT reading a book about goats for another 7 minutes when our country is attacked, NOT praising an inept President and lying under oath, and NOT leaving his state to campaign early for the Presidential spot and trying to impress us by acting like a pit-bull about a major construction problem he ignored for the whole time he was Governor of MA, until it made international news... I'll vote for Oprah and tell others how she changes my life every time I see her on TV. She is hone!

Gloria S - Haverhill, MA

I'm with you. Oprah has the integrity, intelligence and compassion that we need.

Dan - Minneapolis, MN

You're a damn idiot.

Bob - Olathe, KS

She'd be a fantastic candidate!

Karen - Pacifica, CA

I am thrilled with what you are doing, and I will surely vote for Oprah if she is willing to run.

Bruce - Rohnert Park, CA

hi, my name is Stewart Allen at Entertainment Weekly magazine. We're trying to get a hold of Patrick Crowe, to comment on the suit that Oprah has filed demanding he stop campaigning for her election to the White House. If this is him, if he could CALL me at 212 522 2802, that would be great. We're really like to get his comment. Our deadline is Tuesday. Good luck with the campaign!

Stewart - New York, NY

I have worked as a professional organizer in Canada in several elections. I have no interest in getting involved now, but if there ever was an actual Oprah candidacy, I would lend my strong support.

Jaimie - New Westminster Bc Canada, NS

Oprah could get everyone to the table to talk out differences. She'd be great.

Linn - Beverly, MA


Sally - Marcellus, NY

I agree w/Mr. Russell, Oprah is someone we can both love and trust. She has given over 20 years of herself publicly and privately to make our lives better. She has opened people up to taking steps to make better relationships w/third world countries as well as steps to better ourselves and take responsibility for not only ourselves as a nation, but as a human race. I believe that she could reestablish better foreign policies and relationships, as well as better our countries education system, and holding our youth to a higher standard which will in turn better us as a nation as they are our future.

Misty - Abilene, KS

Illinois is having an election for governor in November 2006. I do not like either of the candidates. I intend to write in the name of Oprah Winfrey. She's my choice for governor.

Fake - Chicago, IL

Stop this silliness and direct your energies toward a REAL candidate. Just because some one is a rich celebrity doesn't mean they know a thing about governing. It's as ridiculous as saying that Martin Sheen should run just because he played Jed Bartlett on the West Wing. Don't get me wrong- it's high time that a woman take her place in the oval office, but not a celebrity-- this isn't Monaco, you know.

Kriss - Ann Arbor, MI

I feel very positive about your site and its intentions. I'm willing to assist where and when I can. I'm retired (Medical), but still willing to help you out. Please contact me with the details...

Mr. Douglas S. - Salina, KS

I think oprah would be a wonderful president. Woman's issues, war issues, American pride would be back in vogue. perhaps with her as pres. the rest of the world would not be so eager to hate Americans..

Kendra - North Andover, MA

Is this a joke?

Therman - Victorville, CA

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Oprah theme song. Also, my political party is not listed as a choice above- I'm registered Peace and Freedom.

Dallas - Glendale, CA

Even though I am not a US citizen and cannot vote, I believe your country is in the grip of misguided, greedy freemasons and only someone as immensely popular as Oprah can beat them. In fact, I think she is the *only* person that can get enough votes. Your country is in a downward spiral, where it's effect on world peace, global economy and the environment is getting worse by the day. To enter a new era of peace, regrowth and sanity, you need a strong leader who is unpolluted by the political system, not part of a secret boys club and with a proven track record of compassion. Not only should Oprah do it, but if she doesn't the status quo will be maintained, war will continue (to make the rich white men richer) and the growing global anti-American sentiment will eventually turn the milk sour and the honey hard. If Oprah does not do it, the only other way out is if American citizens start waking up by the millions, quickly - a highly unlikely alternate scenario.

Juan - Redmond, WA

I think Oprah Winfrey would make a great candidate for president in the 2008 presidential election. She has great potentials and also would be very dedicated and outstanding leader. And she would make the finest president ever. "I mean let's face it my girl can dress"

Lourdenie - Boynton Beach, FL

oprah rocks! I and many ppl i no would vote 4 her!!!

Candice - Brooklyn, NY


Sylvia - Winston, GA


Jen - Hoo, Rochester, Kent, England, NV

I must say that I am a Christian and I know Oprah is a faithful individual. This is my first concern for this country.

Jeffrey - Schuyler Falls, NY

I love the idea of the big O.

Sabrina J. - San Francisco, CA

Oprah shall never be president. She hates men.

Victoria - Washington, DC

I was surprised to see that i wasn't the only one to think Oprah should run for pres it is good to know i am not alone in thinking this country needs someone like her.

Kk - Kalamazoo, MI

I think this is a great idea. I would definitely vote for her regardless of which party she'd be a part of. If she decides to run let me know and I'll make time to help out with something. I am an amateur stand up comic, so maybe I could write some funnies. Possibly web sight stuff.

Kim - Cedar Rapids, IA

Saw your site on Yahoo. What the hell. Go for it. She's got a mind for business and has a heart. She's the better for president than anyone I can imagine. I'm with you! We need to God bless America again (and, not in the Republican way).

Robin - East Haven, CT

I am not an American citizen, but If Oprah becomes a candidate for the presidency of USA, I will became an American tomorrow so I can vote for her. She is a wonderful woman and I think she will do a great job as a President. this country needs a person with her talents. Who encourage people for prosperity, kindness, and morals. It will be an honor for the American people to have a president like Oprah Winfrey.

Pamela - Clarksville, TN

I have always thought Oprah Winfrey could run and win as our first female president!!!!!! LOVE HER ALWAYS!!!!!!!

Keri C. - Douglasville, GA

I have said the Big O would be a GREAT Prez for many years and I say if we can talk her into it, the sooner the better!

Catherine A Wilcox - Stoughton, WI

It never enters her mind that something CANNOT be done.

Maria - Maplewood, NJ

Her popularity would be a tool to reach the voters (including the young)to: (a) gain support to reform horrible legislation; (b) put in legislation for the benefit of America and then go worldwide; (c) have a great P.R. face for America.

Seymour - Las Vegas, NV

Would like to see Oprah in the white house. I believe in her.

R.E. - Fredericksburg, VA

I BELIEVE that Oprah could win if she will just run. Please send info to me via email. I cannot volunteer at this time, but I will be a potential volunteer. Keep up the good work Pat Crowe!

Debbie - Kansas City, MO

I have been a fan of Oprah Winfrey since she first came on air. I was very enthused about the interview about her running for President. I do believe that she has the drive to handle the world and people will take time to listen. She has the ability to get things happen in difficult times and good time for all cultures. It's time for a change for the best. we need someone that we can trust and know that the will get done.

Bettye - Sulphur, LA

We need her for president!!!

Antonia - Beaverton, OR

This is a "no brainer" suggestion. Oprah stands for everything that is truly American. She also has the brains and savvy for the position. She would get our great country back on the road to where it belongs in this wild and wacky world. She has my vote and then some.

Si F - Valley Stream, NY

I thought I was alone in wanting Oprah to run. I have written her name in the last 2 elections. I would love to help in any way I can.

Lisa - Lebanon, OR

Ms. Winfrey would be a marvelous President! We can trust her to do what she says and to apologize if she makes a mistake. I feel she would be the best candidate for a woman for President and would do the job as it should be done

Lindsay - Blue Rapids, KS

I speak Spanish and French and am a great writer. I love the idea of Oprah for President. As an American people, we are tired of the decline of our current administration with absolutely no sign of a government or president who is willing to give us the things we deserve. Please email me letting me know this has reached you.

Gary - Ogdensburg, NY

I feel Oprah would make a good candidate and president. Hopefully politics will not corrupt her.

Jenanah W. - Newburgh, NY

I think it's about time we have someone in office that thinks about consequences before taking action.

Sarah - Clinton, MO

I think Oprah should run and win.

Linda - Winston-Salem, NC

I would totally vote for her if she ran....we need change and we need a smart, savvy woman in office who is respected by the people, and that woman is NOT Hillary Clinton!

Kim - Roswell, GA

I am not able to offer any other support but my vote at this time but I have said for years Oprah is who we need for president because only Oprah could bring us closer to world peace..... I'm horrified with the ways of the world today and if Oprah were standing up for us all I know I would feel a major sense of security. She is not only a woman of the highest integrity but supreme intelligence and is so worthy of all her praises...

Ms. J. - Coopersville, MI

It's for sure she can do better than what's in there

Jim - Kokomo, IN

I Think Oprah would be the perfect candidate for president in 2008. I think her ethical and political views would close the gap between white and all other ethnic groups.

Twan D. - Florence, SC

Play Ball!

Richard - Middleburg, VA

I think Oprah should be nominated from the floor of the Democratic National Convention for President 2008.

Peter - Oakland, CA

She is a very strong and balanced woman. We need someone like her to look out for the working citizen.

Karan - Saraland, AL

It's about time that the US had someone with a brain in the White House. I believe that Oprah would heal the wounds caused by George Bush and his administration. She is well respected by people around the world and would be the perfect choice.

Phil - Cape Town, South Africa, NS

Best news

Emily - Concord, CA

My political affiliation is "INDEPENDENT", which is popular and well-known, but your site does not offer it as a choice. Perhaps you should add it as a selection in the Political Party option.

Charles E. - Fitchburg, MA

i think oprah would make a great president

George - Portland, ME

I have watched Ms. Winfrey over the years and I have seen in and through her, a society that is evolving into a more caring and compassionate one. Thanks to her efforts and her public connections, I believe that she is the type of candidate that this country needs. I am a Baptist minister who believes that God ordained government. It is quite clear that God is alive and working in the life of this very powerful role model. I feel as though people are looking for some sense of reality in the political arena. When a person is able to put their finger on the pulse of this country and force the leaders to look into the window of their own life, and ask the question of whether or not I like what I see, then change becomes a possibility. Ms. Winfrey is a heavy hitter who I believe will lay it all on the line, unswayed by what is popular, but always willing to do what is right. Ms. Winfrey, in my opinion the Presidency of these United States has already been award!

John - Kannapolis, NC

Even in Holland we love Oprah en wish her good luck !

N. M. - Honselersdijk, NS

FINALLY, a candidate I can REALLY support!

Cheryl L. - Syracuse, UT

No matter what party I have followed I would switch if that meant supporting Oprah. I doubt she will ever run but she'd have my vote if she ever did.

Jennifer - Saint Anthony, IN

Why not start an online petition to put Oprah on the ballot in all 50 states? I don't think she would ignore the people if she was drafted to run.

Deanna - Nyack, NY

I'd vote for Oprah. Her integrity is key-- the fact that she hasn't worked her way up thought the political ranks is a decided advantage ( we KNOW that all politicians are self serving once they rise through the ranks)

Rebecca - Pueblo West, CO

Oprah is intelligent, strong, caring, and is powerful enough to run this country and do a damn good job! I say OPRAH FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!

Shameka - Newark, NJ

I think she would make a great and honest President. She could get things done!!!!

Kathleen - Spanaway, WA

I think Oprah would make the best President we ever had. I really hope she does run because I know she would win.

Virginia - Frackville, PA

Oprah is not a politician. She has been successful at what she does, at least in terms of dollars. She should stick with it and stay out of politics.

Tom - Disney, OK

I think Oprah is the best thing to every be on television. The things she does for people are very sincere and from the heart. She has inspired me to be the person I am, only without the money.

Debra - Hagerstown, MD

I think this is a fabulous idea. I think Oprah would make a great President. We need someone who is intelligent, honest and compassionate. Yes, I would vote for her!!

Janice - New Rochelle, NY


Lisa - Martinsburg, WV

I heard about this site in my local newspaper yes i would vote for oprah she's a very smart women!

Laura - Lakewood, NJ

I would LOVE to see Oprah as an "official" leader of our nation, as I believe, she is a phenomenal example of what a true leader exemplifies...wisdom, compassion, thoughtful action, etc...It is also my fervent belief that we desperately need a change in our broken political system! We, THE PEOPLE, not the politicians, need to take control of the decisions coming out of Washington. I would love to be a part of a POSITIVE, NEW campaign to begin this process - in whatever way I can help! (By the way, I have never been politically active. It is only in the past few years that I have really come to understand the seriousness of our world situation). Sincerely, Lisa Britt

Lisa - Marietta, GA

I have long thought about this possibility. Oprah is intelligent, honest and above special interest groups. Republicans and Democrats are the same with different labels.

Sandy - Yardley, PA

I, too have been wanting Oprah to run for president!!!!

L.Reyna - East Chicago, IN

I think that she would make a great president. I love the song

Brittany - Parkcity, KS

We need someone compassionate in the white house and I believe Oprah will do so much for Africa than any other politician.

Claude - Elk River, MN

We need honesty, compassion and leadership in the Oval Office. Oprah IS the American Dream.

Joseph - Cocoa Beach, FL

It would be just WONDERFUL to have this woman as President! The world truly needs a leader! GO FOR IT OPRAH!

Deb - Bethlehem, PA

Canadians love oprah for president too..... She is strong, caring, intelligent and I hope America's 1st woman president...

Kathy - Canfield, OH

I have always Oprah could win the presidency and bring our country to a better place. I'm a 21 year old college student.

Christine - Louisville, CO

Please run

Michelle - Jacksonville, FL

Oprah would be the best President because she always finds the best people in any specific field who know how to fix things. She is someone you can trust to do her best for America and be honest.

Heidi - Wheat Ridge, CO

The blank for the state is Michigan. I live in the United Arab Emirates. I am an American citizen. OPRAH FOR PRESIDENT !!

Ryan - Abu Dhabi, NS

go oprah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather - Medway, MA

I feel that Oprah would be a strong candidate for the presidential office. I strongly encourage her to think and pray about running for office.

Robert J. - Wichita, KS

I think Oprah would make a wonderful President. She's honest, intelligent, well-known and compassionate. The fact that she isn't a politician makes her even more attractive. Think of the difference she could make to the world. WE NEED OPRAH! Thanks!

Etta - Williamsburg, VA

I am very elated that someone has taking the initiation to try and promote Oprah for presidency. She is a good person and deserves respect for all she has done for so many individuals. She did more for the persons in New Orleans then the FEMA and government. So I would say Go Oprah Go!!

Jessica - Morrisville, NC


Hilary - Calgary, AK

Hi, I would love to help get Oprah to run. I e-mailed her a year or so ago and begged her to run. The country needs someone who can bring us all together, has sound fiscal intelligence, good common sense and has integrity!

Penny - Anaheim Hills, CA

I've thought for years that Oprah should run for President, if only because she has NO political ties. The American people are tired of politicians who care nothing about their constituents, nothing about our men and women in uniform, and nothing about the American flag. It's time for someone to go to Washington and clean up the White House, and get something done on behalf of the American People. RUN OPRAH, RUN!

Leon - West Palm Beach, FL

I am in charge of precinct operations in Occoquans Majisterial District in Prince William County, Virginia. My wife, who just stepped down as Chair of ODC (Occoquan Democratic Committee)and I have worked for John Kerry, Tim Kaine and several others for different political positions. We are working with Andrew Hurst for congress and Jim Webb for Senate at this time.

Duncan E. - Lake Ridge, VA

This would be the best president ever. Not only the first woman but BLACK! Her knowledge and charisma will make AMERICA the place to live. We would make every country jealous!

Pedro - Orlando, FL

I can't do much -- homebound --- but, she'll get my vote!

Judy - Hoffman Estates, IL

I really hope this works for you. I'm a Canadian citizen and feel that the bush Admin. has failed not only the states but Canada as well. We have been treated less than poorly and I personally feel he has the IQ less than that of a chimp. Oprah on the other hand she would be changing history in a way un-imaginable, it would be good for the states, the war would end and real freedom, (not fear induced fight for freedom) may reign again. Good-Luck

Stephaniebailey - Peterborough, NS

will vote for oprah

Laura - Mine Hill, NJ

Everything today is politics - - i.e. I'll do anything to

Lowe - Santa Ana, CA

love you

Kapila - Manchester, NH

I would vote for Oprah in a hot second! If she gets interested - and she might not, she is not insane, lol - I will BE there for HER! YES! :) Otherwise, I'm voting for Obama if he runs - or Hillary if she does! I may sound like I am being silly, and I don't mean to make light of this, but humor is a good thing and it helps deal with the awful government in place now.

Karen Pielke - Claremont, CA

I think not only is this a mark in history waiting to happen but this is also a GREAT choice.

Linda - Phoenix, AZ

I cannot volunteer to help, but I would vote for her if she ran. Rock on Oprah!

Stephanie - Eau Claire, WI

I fell that Oprah for President is the logical conclusion. She is the one person who will transcend all ethnic, financial boundaries. People will listen to her.

Cathy - N Tonawanda, NY

Please Oprah run, we need you!

Dawn - Greenport, NY

I agree with your choice of Presidential candidates for 2008 - I would also strongly recommend Dennis Haysbert, someone who, as an actor, is more Presidential than any President since JFK.

Kurt H. - Milwaukie, OR

I would love to see Oprah become president. We love to love our neighbors and if Oprah was president we wouldn't be afraid too eh

Catherine Mae - Canada, ME

I would vote for Oprah if she ran.

Dawn - Logansport, IN

I am presently working in Kuwait as a us contractor. I would welcome the opportunity to be involved. Although I am abroad and am currently working 7 days a week, if there is anything that I can do please notify me.

Belinda - Apo Ae 09330, NS

It's time our country has a leader that truly represents our best values, not the phony rubbish.

Cathy - Weaverville, NC

Oprah should be president she could do so much for our country. I believe she would stand up for what's right and tell it like it really is. She cares about not only the American people, but the rest of the world too. I would vote for her. How great would it be if she was the first black... female president of the United States. She has changed the world, with her heart of gold. Oprah could have the greatest impact of the world if she was our president. I believe in her will to do good things for others.

Crystal - Lake Charles, LA

I think having Oprah as President would be the best thing to happen to this country in decades!!!!!

Debbie - Arlington, TX

I would most definitely "Vote for Oprah", seems like a fantastic idea.

Emily - Atlanta, GA

I am so happy I found this website. Patrick Crowe is doing the right thing. Hopefully that AHA! Moment will happen to Oprah. There is no question in my mind that Oprah Winfrey can change and repair most of the damage the "Bush Administration" has caused to the United States.

Roxanne - Browns Mills, NJ

Have we persuaded Oprah to run yet? If not, when are we going to?

Melinda Sue - Johnson City, TN

I'll pray for Oprah Winfrey to convince herself that she can make this world better to become president of the USA.

Jacob - Assen, NS

I think that the most powerful thing Oprah could say is that she is not a politician. She would bring a fresh slate and a clean campaigne to the office. Great idea. Oprah for President.

Mary Lou - Salem, OR

All I can volunteer to do is vote for her!

Marlane - Holmes Beach, FL

I want Oprah in 08!

Stephanie - Dallas, TX

I want Oprah in 08!

Ty - Dallas, TX

I would love for Oprah to run!

Evelyn - Cary, NC

I did not know about this site or that any one else had the same idea!

Blaise - Madison, TN

I so support oprah for president. I say all the time she should be president and make history as the first woman in office and first person of color in office. I think she is great. I am a 42 year old white RN and have the most respect for her and think she could really benefit this country

Lisa - Wendell, NC

She would be perfect for this job!!!

Julie - St Louis, MO

just wait and see what happens

Barbara - Nyc, NY

I just love oprah and want her to be involved in my life in every way possible. having her as a president would make my life complete. please call me at anytime to let me know if there is anything that i can help with!

Jeff - 75275, TX

Thank God a candidate worth voting for is emerging. We need someone in there that cares more about American lives than politics and money.

Peggy S. - Amite, LA

My name is Melvon J. Weaver I am a 23 year old African American male from Milwaukee WI. For the past 6 years or so I have always had thoughts about if I would ever get to see a woman even run for president. At this time in my life I feel as if the country is in despair almost. With all of the U.S. and worldly issues going on at this time, I often find myself thinking a lot about the future of the country and whose going to lead my generation and more importantly the future children of my generation. I feel like this country needs to take a giant step in the right direction and I couldn't think of any other person that would be more suited to do so than a woman. Its time for a strong women to step up and lead this country in a better direction. When I was younger I had always figured I would never even see this day. I thought the American people would be so judgmental of a woman running for president that she would have no chance. It is clear to me that this concept!

Melvon Justin - Milwaukee, WI

I pray that Oprah runs for President. I think she could really make a difference. Take back the country for the American people....

Barbra - Cottenwood, CA

I am a Dennis Kucinich supporter, but I think that Oprah would have a better chance or reaching a wider audience. I also think that many people who don't traditionally vote will register to vote if she runs. Even is she doesn't run it would be nice if she would run an aggressive voter registration campaign. And if she won't run and won't use her position to speak out we should push to put Phil Donohue back on in her spot. At least he will take a public position on issues.

Christine - Everett, WA

I would vote for Oprah

Jean - Douglas, GA

I will vote for Oprah

Bonnie - Fort Mohave, AZ

I'm not sure how I could help; I'm very busy with a small business and 4 children, but I can't think of any other better choice in the world than Oprah for President. I've been saying it for years. I really do think she is the only person that could actually get this whole world to come together. There are so many other things that need to be addressed other than war and having every country in the world hate the U.S. Things like global warming, medical care and education for everyone. Not to mention people starving and dying from AIDS in Africa. Come on people, we've only got one world and we need to take care of it. It's time someone get in office that has compassion in their heart, the determination and clarity for really helping people. And someone who people actually respect. I will miss her TV show, but I'm willing to sacrifice. Mahalo!

Veronica - Haiku, HI

I would Vote For her for sure.

Adam - Bremerton, WA

I would vote for oprah

Cassandra - Orlando, FL

Oprah RULES!

Jami - Sorrento, LA

We need you, Oprah! You have changed so many lives for the good. You have helped so many people. Turning this country around for the better is something you could do. So many people listen to you, respect you, and appreciate someone with good wholesome values like yourself. You have my support! Mary

Mary - Huntington, WV

Even tho I am an American living out of the country I still vote, and Oprah would make a GREAT president. She is honest, moral, and will work towards the good of the "whole" and not just individual groups. DO IT OPRAH!!!

A. J. - Crown Point, IN

i hope this is not a joke. it would be absolutely fabulous if we could convince her to run. unfortunately, the south is still part of our nation (I'm from Arkansas so i have the right to speak negatively about the south) and so we would have to step up the security for her. but i think she could turn this country around! go Oprah!!!

Lia - Long Beach, CA

We NEED someone we can trust in the white house. Oprah has been a successful champion of needs for the AMERICAN people as well as worthy causes around the world, I would be a proud American when I can call her my president.

Michelle Lynn - Bemidji, MN