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Bad News

Bad News

Below are a few of the comments that we have to sort through each day to get to the good stuff. Note how few of these brilliant folks give a real name or address with their oh-so-clever comments. There are a few comments that might be termed "polite"...but VERY few. Perhaps this is why Oprah does not yet wish to run. We just hope and pray the Good News, which FAR outnumbers the bad, is enough to get her to change her mind.

Oprah is the most self-absorbed, disingenuous person in the spot light today. Anyone who can't see thru her thin venere of "caring" is naive or a fool. Sorry, the truth hurts.

Not Necessary - Not Nec, KS

What people don't realize is that a Black woman would never make it through to the election. There are way too many crazy people in this world to see it happen. Don't take this wrong because this is not a threat. I think if there were to be a woman President Oprah would be the one to make it happen once in office. The only bad part is she would see to it that woman took over the goverment and all us guys would still be the reason woman hate life as it is.

Larry - Paris, IL

dont you think in order for someone to be elected president they actually need to want to do the job??????
have you ever done anything you didnt want to do?what ar the results..pretty bad hey??

Ann Nonnimous - AZ, AZ


Fuck You - Fuck You, FY

I want a leader for President, not some Hollywood type ego manic.

no - no, NE

just when the world thinks that the american people cant get any dummer they always find another stupped thing where people can laugh and talk about. i want two thank the american people for making us laugh every day over and over again.

brouwers - NY, NY



Why the hell would we want that monkey in charge? You are pathetic, she will never run and if she did, she would never win.

Why The Hell? - Fucking Stupid, FL


N/A - N/A, OK

Oprah would be a shitty president. Maybe worse then Bush with all of her moral bullshit. She is two faced and will turn on you on a dime. Besides she supports the current admistration and yet is a lesbian. (yes she is).

Opra the Tyrant - Eatpoop, GA

Anyone who is logical can see Oprah will never be a President, she will not even be elected as a precict
committeeman. No experience and no understanding of domestic and foreign affairs. Bush is a great leader, he has the terrorist on the run hiding out in caves, destroyed their training camps, ousted the taliban in Afghanistan, and is rebuilding infrastructure in two countries, took out a major threat Saddam, his two sons, and Zarqawi. Saddam moved WMD and Nuke uranium to Syria. Taxes are lower and money back in the American Citizens pocket, the economy is twice as good as it was with the previous Administration. Gas is low, unemployment is at 4.5%, and over all history will show Bush as a Great President and Leader, you people
have to be the low end on the IQ scale, how do you exist each day with no brain activity?

Joe Blow - Anytown, ID

KOONS, KIKES, & KONS Law Firm. No African bitch in the White House. Just in a Hoar house, where they can screw their uncles & cousins. LOL LOL LOL

I Is God - WhiteTown, OR

You are a wacko.

You Are a Wacko - You Are a Wacko, AK

I wouldn't vote for Oprah even if she was the only one running

LMH - Nowhere, WA

This NIGGER couldn't run the country if she was given unlimited fried chicken and watermelon. Get real. She's only famous because she's black, and she's a woman. A terrible combination to argue against.

John Holmes - Hollywood, CA

u are fuckin crazy

Moe Lester - VaBeach, CT

You are insane and unpatriotic.

123 - And Need a Psychiatrist, MO

Give me a break.....Do you know Oprah is the biggest racist hiding in sheeps clothing...YOU'RE NUTS! Oprah WILL NEVER BE PRESIDENT.....

Pamela Medine-Van Horn - Anywhere, USA

You are a moron. Get a life.

Sam Miguel - Anywhere, WI


Kenneth Long - Anywhere, USA

You are a FREAK!! Get a damn life and GET REAL!! You must have been the shittiest math teacher ever, dear Mr. Crowe. You are INSANE!! Get a hobby and do something productive for the world, instead of blowing smoke up our ass with this silly OPRAH campain bullshit. Stupid Ass!

Ben Dover - Cootieville, AK

You, Oprah, and all her fans are fucking idiots

Oprah Suks - Orange, MI

I volunteer too help get Oparh, elected for President of Africa.

Jane Suck - Cum, NH

I can tell you from expirence of living in MN and having Jesse Ventura as Governor and I'm sure EVERY californian will say this now: Celebs should NOT be in a political seat. Though they are popular, they do not have the slightest idea how politics should work. So why not leave it to the people who DO know how politics work; politicians.

No No - Burnsville, MN

Are you out of your mind! She would be the worst thing that ever happened to American politics, and I hope she sues you for everything that you are worth, and based on your apparent economy with intelligence that probably isn't much more than $1.98.

George Freije - Anywhere, USA


Jack Meoff - Dickhead, IL

Using the secret techniques of the Bhutanese monks, I discovered a way to material out of rocks. Sometimes, I disappear for days just to find a box of Cheerios at the door. I am most certainly not irrational, although that argument could conceivably convincingly be made. I don't know which personality I have right now, it's kind of like changing shoes. I promise not to kill or murder a toaster strudel, without first getting a license to kill toaster strudels from whatever regime happens to be in power at the time. I'm also looking forward to getting my FREE Oprah Winfree voter hat in the mail. Oprah gives up the mad-bone ass to Motherfuckers everywhere, you dig, cat?

Bill Billoxie - Indianapolis, IN

Oprah smoprah! You and this entire site are whacked.

Sonkey Man - Anywhere, AK
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