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Letters to the Editor

The letters are arranged in reverse date order, newest first.

June 6, 2001

I see you've replaced Vivian Rose on the Teen Movie Critic site. I read your A Knight's Tale review and your bio, and you seem to have potential in the field of movie reviewing. I've been reviewing myself since 1998, and I've grown better with each passing year. I'd like it if you paid a visit to my website, looked around, and replied with your feedback. My address is below. Keep up the good work!

Adam J. Hakari
http://www.ajhakari.com June 29, 2001

I see you've replaced Vivian as the teen movie critic. This I am glad to see, as she wasn't a good reviewer at all. I was looking through what you've reviewed so far and was pleasently surprised to see you'd reviewed The Graduate, my favorite movie. I was even more surprised to see that you thought it was great. To me, this is an omen that you will do at least a fairly good job as a reviewer. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your reviews.

James Frazier

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