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The Gift of Youth. You too can be healthy. You will feel healthy just reading these words of wisdom from an experienced fitness trainer named Gypsy. Also, Gypsy will give YOU advice about fitness.

The Web Poetry Corner --- A place where you can publish your poetry alongside hundreds of others.

Letters from Mexico --- Stan Gotlieb --- The musings of an expatriate Gringo writing from Oaxaca in southern Mexico. Stan also frequently responds to inquiries with lengthy replies.

How Can You Laugh at a Time Like This? --- Bruce Madison --- This guy is trying to be the voice of modern libertarianism (sort of). Actually, he will be satisfied if he can get you to laugh.

Modern Surrealistic Art --- Terry Rutledge --- This is truly beautiful artwork by a genius artist living in Bandon, Oregon. A must see.

Teen Movie Critic --- Roger Davidson --- Internet star reviewer lays it out for you. Get a teen-ager's perspective on the movies, both in the theaters and on video.

Families Against Internet Censorship. If you are a family, have at least one child living at home and oppose censorship of the Internet, you MUST look into joining this group.

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