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Introducing Jubal Chaplin

Introducing Jubal Chaplin

The music of Jubal Chaplin, free MP3 downloads and streaming RealAudio, insights from the man himself.

Hi. I'm Jubal and this is my site, a showcase of music I have written. This for you to sample and, if you wish, some MP3s you might want to download. As I develop this site, I hope to be showcasing the music of some friends of mine and linking you to their sites as well.

The Introducing Jubal Chaplin CD is in the making and I want to share the process with you by giving away unfinished material. Sorry, but you can only stream the complete versions. I'll be expecting feedback...good or bad...and I'll be updating regularly, so keep checkin' in.


Jubal Che Chaplin

Jubal Chaplin's RealAudio Jukebox

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Jubal's Jukebox
"River City"
"Winter Daydream"
"Blue Jazz"

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Take a look at a "little" brother's (Teen Movie Critic) view of Jubal Chaplin.

If you have comments or suggestions for Jubal, you can contact him at:
jubalche@hotmail.com (Jubal Che Chaplin)

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