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Below is a brief description of a tentative plan for proceeding. It consists of a rather standard set of guidelines for organizing the state of Minnesota politically combined with features special to Internet organizing. Let's begin with the latter. While the majority of people who voted for Jesse and Mae are not on the Internet, almost everyone knows somebody who is. So, those of us who do have an internet presence have a special obligation for keeping those who do not informed and in contact with the organization. At first, our principal duty as members will be to recruit others on the Net to visit this site and join up. In addition, we should act as surrogates for those who wish to join, but are not on the Net, by hand-recording their data and entering it for them.

Within a week or so, we should have enough members to begin organizing by state legislative district. At that time, we will send lists to every member in a district, who is also on the Net, of all people in their district who are members. The next task of the Net members, after "getting together" on the Net, will be to designate a district chairperson who will be the coordinator and who will be in charge of gathering further members for that district and for keeping in touch with us here.

Within a month or so, but certainly by inauguration day, our membership should be large enough to start carrying out direct actions around the state. These will include but not be limited to:

These are just a few of the ways that we can use our collective power to move the political process forward. As time goes on, both the governor elect and we will mature and get more focused on what we can accomplish. But, keep in mind that we are at the vanguard of a potentially worldwide campaign to spread freedom and democracy.

Our principal task here will be to maintain this site and the database of member names. Since, at present, we are self-elected to do this job (and will step aside AT ANY TIME if someone else shows they can do the job better), we will do our best to continually update all members, via email as well as this site, on the progress of the organizing. This is the priciple reason for signing up, since this will insure your getting regular news letters. One important task will be to serve as a clearinghouse of member ideas and discoveries. Toward that end, we will provide a bulletin board so that our members can submit their ideas directly to the entire membership as well as through email to us. Organizing any political group is a dynamic task, subject to change at any time from member input. We have the unique task of being one of the very first to use the Internet as the main tool for doing this. Like Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, we have to "use the force" in every way we can. We will try to provide tips on how to best do this, but YOU are the ultimate source of knowledge...your input is essential. This includes any changes you think should be made to THIS SITE.

Remember that the Web, because its content can be so dynamically changed, is a constant work in progress. We believe that it is uniquely suited to the vagueries of political organizing. Some things will be dictated by the current political structure of the state. However, we are embarking on a unique and exciting adventure. If we succeed, we will be making history. It should be very interesting.

A special note to those from outside the state of Minnesota who have expressed interest in joining. While it is not clear how you can directly participate in the organizing by district, your ideas and input are certainly welcome. In addition, by staying in touch with our progress, you will get some idea of how you might replicate our efforts in your the the world.

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