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Note: This site was put on the WWW the day after Jesse Ventura was elected governor of Minnesota. Its purpose was to start a state-wide network of Ventura supporters to assist him in governing...without any members of the legislature in his party, the reform Party...for the next four years. While the site and the effort enjoyed modest success...many people signed up to help out...we must judge it as ultimately a failure. It was never supported by the "offical" Ventura people, who felt that Willy Chaplin, the architect of this site, is a "secret" agent of the Minnesota Libertarian party trying to undercut their efforts. Indeed, Mr. Chaplin was "banned" (or censored, depending upon your point of view) from posting anything to the official Ventura site. Rather than further engage in what can only be called a pointless battle for "control" of the Ventura movement, which could help no one, we have decided to inactivate both this site and VCAC. However, we have also decided to leave the site up as an model for other efforts of this nature.

Welcome to the Ventura Citizen Action Committee home page! Jesse Ventura and his running mate, Mae Schunk, shocked the political world when they won a close three way race for Governor and Lt. Governor in in Minnesota on November 2, 1998. We, the voters who put him in office, know that winning election was only the beginning. Since they ran under the Reform Party banner and self-identify as small "l" libertarians, there are no legislators specifically committed to carrying out their program. Furthermore, in order to maintain major party status, the Reform Party...or whatever name the party of Ventura and Schunk goes by...Jesse himself favors returning to the Independent Party label...the party will have to again receive at least 5% of the vote in the next election, in two years.

Before proceeding, please read the tentative plan to get some idea of the future direction of this organization.

The purpose of this site is to organize the support for Ventura/Schunk from among those who voted for them...or wished they had...and informal poll of Minnesotans the day after the election revealed only a precious few who would admit NOT having voted for Ventura/Schunk! The very first step will be to compile a master list of those willing to participate in this effort. So, we urge you to go to the form we have provided and fill it out completely. At some point in the future...and ONLY with the consent of those whose names are in our database...we will make this list available, in part, to its members for organizing purposes. Later we may make it available to others. However, ABSOLUTELY NO INFORMATION WILL BE RELEASED TO ANYONE, ANYTIME without the consent of the person who supplied the data.

Note that this site is not an offical part of the Ventura/Schunk campaign nor need it be. In the libertarian and reform spirit, we can, as citizens of this great nation and state, organize ourselves in any way we see fit. It is also not dedicated to the advancement of any particular political party. While we note that the Minnesota Reform Party, especially in the person of Dean Barkley, has contributed a great deal to the Ventura/Schunk campaign and election, the National Reform Party and Ross Perot were notably absent and silent. The voters who elected Ventura/Schunk consists of DFL'ers, Republicans, Reformers and Libertarians as well as those who do not identify with any political party.

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