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Hello and Welcome to Teen Movie Critic (V). Here's a little something about my background and upbringing.

I am from Los Angeles, California...Movie Central. I am not home schooled like previous TMCs, but I bring my computer to school with me and am allowed to logon just about any time I wish. I have an older brother and an older sister.

I obviously love movies, specifically horror, drama, thriller, and comedy. I collect DVDs and Blu-Rays, mostly just movies that I enjoy the most. I also really like music and I have a wide variety of music. I love rock, alternative, pop, hip-hop, electric, and some movie soundtracks. When I finsih college I want to a movie director and writer. This is my passion and always has been my dream. Things I dislikes are anything that gets in the way of my dream, rather it be money or a person. Another thing is a really bad movie. They really make angry because not only did I waste my money, but my time as well. Music wise, I don't like most country, but there are exceptions. There isn't much that I really dislike.

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