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The Jedi master Speaks

Perhaps you were expecting yet another Star Wars site. But, the Jedi Master referred to in the title is a REAL Jedi Master, at least when it comes to programming and the Internet. These pages will discuss what Willy Chaplin has learned in his half century as a programmer, his 40 years on the Internet and his 14 years on the World Wide Web. The essays start with Willy's take on the
The Thirteen Commandments of the World Wide Web. This is linked to articles expanding on the short descriptions of these principles given in that blog.

This sites summarizes the knowledge gained by a lot of experiemntation by The Dream Machine collection of sites over the years we have been on the Web. Each sub-site represents an attempt to tap into the latent desires of users all over the world. They also represent examples of all the major types of media in use on the Web. We represent ourselves as the imagination of the Web, representing our desire to constantly be scratching at the leading edge of innovation. We believe that we have been succeeding. But, judge for yourself. We think that after you have read and digested all the essays on this site, the result will be an increased understanding of how this new mediam, still in its infancy, is affecting the world in which we all live.

Most of these blogs were written in 1999 and have changed little since. Only the twelfth principle, that the Web tends to form communities, was written later. They have stood the test of time well.

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Jedi Master

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