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My name is Jackson Newsome and I have lived right outside of Charleston, WV for nine years. I am currently being home-schooled because of my seizure disorder(epilepsy). Occasionally, I'll find myself doing volunteer work for the Epilepsy Foundation and attending their annual Kid's Speak Up! program in Washington D.C..

I began to get interested in movies when I was very little. One of my favorite things to do was watching horror movies. They scared me a lot at that age, but I was fascinated that a movie could make you feel that way. Later, I found out that movies can make you do more than scream. Movies can bring out just about every emotion imaginable.

Some of my hobbies include: anime/manga, reading, writing, playing my piano and cello, listening to music...my favorites are rock and anything in a foreign language...it helps me focus more on the music than what they are saying...and watching movies! If you have any movie requests e-mail me at kanamine@gmail.com. I'll also be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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