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The Dream Machine -- The Imagination of the World Wide Web...

This site, the portal stars to the entire Dream Machine collection of Web sites, has been online since late 1994. Each site in the group was created to test one or another feature of the World Wide Web. For example, How Can You Laugh at a Time Like This? Guernica was one of the very first blogs on the WWW, created as an experiment to see if an unknown author could attract attention by posting short philosophical and political essays on a large variety of subjects. Another, Teen Movie Critic TMC was not only the very first movie review site on the WWW, but was also targeted on a specific group, teenagers. The experimentation continued with The Web Poetry Corner Poetry, which was aimed at people of all ages from all over the world. Next, we added The Gift of Youth Gypsy which was aimed at yet another specific group, middle aged or older people wishing to get into better physical condition by exercising with weights.

The webmaster behind all this innovation, experimentation and discovery, Willy Chaplin, is a talented and experienced research scientist, with background in psychology, mathematics, linguistics and computer science. Highly impressed by the work of Canadian scientist, Marshall McLuhan McLuhan, Willy set out to discover the message or messages in the new medium Message. The fact that every medium has a hidden message independent of its content was McLuhan's main contribution to communication theory. The results of all the experimentation discovered over the years is summarized in a site called The Jedi Master Speaks Jedi, appropriating a title from the well known movie trilogy, Star Wars StarWars, that best describes Mr. Chaplin's understanding of the secrets of the Internet, in particular, the World Wide Web. He was hardly alone creating all the content in this collection of sites. His partner and CEO of The Dream Machine, Gypsy, inspired and created the The Gift of Youth Gypsy site when she herself was a 50+ year old physical trainer and bodybuilder at a local gym. Teen Movie Critic TMC was the work of a talented young man, Roger Davidson, who has since moved on to creating movies Movies of his own, as a film student. During his reign as Teen Movie Critic., Roger became somewhat famous, appearing in People magazine, was interviewed by many newspapers and even lectured to a University audience. He was succeeded by other talented reviewers, all under the age of eighteen at the time they wrote their reviews, Vivianrose TMC-II, Mandy MNC-III, Jackson Jackson and, on May 4, 2009, Teen Movie Critic - V, Jeff Jeff joined the team. Stan Gotlieb, moved a column he had been writing for a local newspaper...Letters from Mexico our collection as well. This is a must-read for anyone planning to visit southern Mexico.

Jubal Chaplin provided the auditory content of Blue Transition in the form of harmonica blues riffs, showing that high quality sound could be posted to the WWW. Roger Davidson provided the video content of Roger Davidson's Movies Movies as a test for using such content on the WWW as well as obtaining funding for further movie making. Terry Rutledge originally provided all the visual content of Modern Surrealistic Art, but was later joined by other artists. Gypsy, also a great photographer, posted a large collection of her photographic work on Grandma Gypsy's Photo Gallery - Urban Beauty as another experiment in presenting visual art. Yahoo! Driving Directions and Google Translation were screen scraped scraping by Willy from other sites in order to test that function, which essentially uses content from other sites to augment its own content and provide special services to our users. A number of other sites were also created for this purpose. A full list of all the sites in our collection, along with brief descriptions of each site, are given on a portal site called Our Stars stars.

Recently Willy has become obsessed with providing transparent, easy to use, functions to provide real time translations of all content on the Internet, including email and chat as well as the Web page translations one can obtain either by going to various sites serving that function, or, using Willy's screen scraped scraping versions by clicking on the red button at the top of this page. He is also putting pressure on Google to undertake this project, since it is too vast for a single person to accomplish.

In the year 2000, Willy created a site pushing Oprah Winfrey for President Oprah. It got us fifteen minutes of fame on CNN and a lot of buzz before Oprah put a stop to it. In 2004 a man named Patrick Crowe started a similar campaign, which was also scotched by Oprah. In 2008, Willy and Patrick got together and joined forces for a third try Oprah. We so annoyed Oprah's attorneys that they threatened to sue us for copyright violations for using her image. Of course, this got nowhere, but it did increase our traffic enormously for a short while. This mistake by her lawyers got Patrick a personal phone call apology from Oprah as well as an on-air mea culpa. Oprah finally put it to rest by endorsing Obama for the job, an early and significant endorsement. On-air, when Obama suggested that Oprah had endorsed him mainly to get us off her back, she agreed...twice! Perhaps we can claim some credit for getting our current president in office.

Summary: a small group of talented individuals has put together a grand experiment in providing Internet content and discovering its underlying secrets. Our collection of Web sites has stood the test of time, remaining quite popular all over the world for over a decade. At this time, we are seeking collaboration with others in furthering this research.

Most recently, Willy noted that no matter what language you speak, at least four out of five people in the world do NOT speak that language! So he wrote an email client...SuperMail SuperMail...that automatically translates from your native tongue to at least 40 others...and...a chat room...SuperChat SuperChat... where, unlike twitter...all "tweets" are translated into your language before you receive them. Finally, for those of you interested in learning more about this remarkable programmer...and many other things...the first four chapters of his autobiography...Hick Hick... are online.

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