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Walt Johnson

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Walt Johnson

Hi-I'm Walt Johnson. I am 42 years old. I am 6'7" tall and weigh 250 pounds. I've been bodybuilding since 1970. I played football and basketball, which were major motivations to my start in weight training. I was a lineman (defense and offense) and in basketball I played center. Strength is a big advantage in these sports, though not many players during the 1970's weight trained.

Today my sports are bodybuilding, swimming and bicycling. I compete in all three sports. I have done many triathlons and marathons. The most challenging race I swim in is held in Minneapolis on Lake Minnetonka. We race from Excelsior to Wayzata. This is a 5 mile race of straight swimming. Not everyone finishes. I belong to a Masters swim team. Masters is for people 18 years +. I swim with the 40-44 year olds. Swimmers must learn to streamline their entire body. They must roll on their strokes and use efficient stroking techniques.

This year I also cycled from Crescent City, in northern California, to San Francisco. The route went through the Redwood Forest, along the Pacific Ocean and across the Golden Gate Bridge. The roads have little or no shoulder, the scenery is awesome and the ocean breathtaking. Last summer I cycled through the Black Hills from Custer State Park up the Needles Highway right past Mount Rushmore. The inclines are a challenge to the max. On this ride I started out hating the hills...extreme pain physically and I needed mental toughness to stay with it. At mid-point, I knew I'd fallen in love with bicycling.

I often wish everyone could experience the love of a sport the way I have. This fall I was one of 4 bicyclists picked to lead the Twin City (Minneapolis/St. Paul Marathon running race. It was an honor to serve in this major event.

Besides preparing me for the sports I enjoy, bodybuilding also enhances my looks and anyone who says they don't want to be attractive is probably not telling the truth. One of the best things about having a beautiful physique or being skilled in a sport is this is an achievement that cannot be bought, but must be earned by individual hard work, sweat and persistent determination.. When on a hard set (weight training) I have to concentrate, feel it and then go beyond it. One thing is for sure: I can be better today than yesterday, better tomorrow than today! Use this when training in any sport.

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