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There's No Business Like "Show" Business

There's No Business Like "Show" Business

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When I first got into lifting, my interest was purely a get into good shape in order to function in day to day business. In the years that followed, I met many other lifters, who pumped iron for a variety of reasons. I became close friends with some of the people, who did it to compete in shows. I even went through a short stint of preparing for a show myself. I discovered how hard the work is and gained a great appreciation for the toil and effort that goes into such preparations. Bodybuilders are the penultimate show-biz-sports performance athletes around. They come from various occupations (many are in other sports) and have just as diverse points of view. I found bodybuilders as a whole to be industrious and thoughtful and many of them are great show people as well. I just saw my second body building show and was enthralled and highly entertained. I hope you will be too. So, on with the show!

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